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The Perks:

  • 6-week moneyback guarantee if your dog does not become active
  • Monthly subscription, but you can pause, change the date or cancel anytime
  • 53p a day to keep your cat or dog healthy and active
  • FREE online vet advice 24/7
  • FREE delivery
  • SAVE 30% on your monthly orders
  • Tell YuMove about your pet
  • Gets your dog more active in just 6-weeks (study conducted by Royal Veterinary College)

Table of Contents:

Security in the home

Furbo UK

29,582 Dogs saved

Furbo U.K.
How can I monitor my dog at home

Furbo UK is Amazon’s #1 bestseller. The dog camera allows you to observe, interact and spoil your pooch with treats while away from home. The device offers Full HD 1080p vision, 4x zoom, and a rotating 360-degree view of the room, with enhanced night vision in colour or black and white.

The Furbo Dog Camera is designed for dogs that can tell the difference between us and canines and is available from Furbo UK direct.

The Person Alert and Barking Alert are major pluses for the Furbo dog camera. The reviews show that notifications have prevented a house fire, carbon monoxide poisoning of a pet dog, and intruders, which led to Police arrests.

“Furbo is on a mission to keep every dog safe and happy.”

Furbo U.K.

“I recently purchased Furbo because my baby (puppy) Kato broke his leg and I needed to keep an eye on him when I was out. A few days ago I opened Furbo while I was out for dinner and saw something was wrong at home. I immediately rushed home to find the house filled with smoke.”

Kato’s owner

“I kept getting Barking Alert notifications from Furbo so I checked in on my dog. I then heard the carbon monoxide alarm was going off! So glad that I had Furbo to notify me, or else I may not have come home to find my dog alive. You can see in the video (view at Saving Lives) my dog was sneezing and did not like the smell.”

Kobe’s owner

“Furbo Person Alert caught an intruder in my house and the Cloud Recordings videos helped the Police catch him thanks to Furbo’s recording.”

Dexter’s owner

“Furbo Person Alert notified us someone broke into our house! The Police were able to catch him….”

Kelly, dog owner

As the camera is designed for canines only, the camera will auto-track your dog.

You can purchase the dog camera for a one-off payment or with a Dog Nanny subscription. All you need is an iOS or Android Smart mobile.

Dog trackers detecting your dog's movement

Buy direct from Furbo UK gives a massive discount of £40 until 31st March 2023 using code: FURBO40UK

Furbo UK has a store on Amazon and is an Amazon’s Choice.

Thanks to A.I. technology, Dog Nanny offers:

Watch your dog at when away from your smart phone
  • Smart Alerts: Barking, Person, Selfie, Emergency (CO2, glass breaking)
  • 15-second activity detection and stored on Cloud Recordings
  • Treat Tossing
  • 2-Way Audio – speak with your dog
  • Important events: sleeping, sitting, chewing, toileting

Dog Nanny is optional: £6.99 per month, £69 per year or £130 for 2 years.

Videos and selfies are ideal for Instagram and TikTok!

TabCat Tracker

Most cats have freedom outdoors, are naturally curious, and sometimes get shut into sheds or garages. TabCat directional handset picks up the signal from the small homing tag attached to your pet’s collar.

“… can find your cat anywhere in the house, neighbouring gardens or street. Even if your cat is trapped in a shed, garage or stuck up a tree.”

how to find my missing cat
Find your cat trapped in a shed or garage

TabCatV2 is not a GPS device but it can locate your missing cat with Radio Technology.

No subscription is required, and it can be used worldwide.

The pack contains two 5g Homing Tags and Protective Covers. The small Homing Tag fits easily to your cat’s collar. If your cat is missing and you are searching, the Directional Handset will pick up a signal from the Homing Tag and guide you on which direction to walk using “audio and visual cues”. TabCat has a store on Amazon.


“I have had various versions of TabCat for years and it has saved my cat’s life more than once.”


“He now appears to recognise when his collar pings and we often hear him as we get close. Due to the geographical layout of our area, the quoted range is a little optimistic; however we know Bert’s usual exploring range and on the occasions we’ve had to use it, it’s not been more than a short walk of about 100m before we get a signal, and when we do, finding him has been quick and easy.”


The device can find your cat within 2.5cm / 1″, so as you get closer to where your cat is, the lights on the handset change from red to amber, followed by green with audio beeping indicating how near you are. It will help you locate your cat if shut in a shed or garage and the Homing Tag has a flashing LED for nighttime.

Although this is fantastic technology and log-awaited for cat lovers, TabCat states the “Range will vary depending on your location and environment”, so I will research this.

Price: £99

The homing tag weighs 6 grams. No subscription cat gps tracker
Pack includes a handset, covers and tags
cat tracker for cats

Radio Frequency tracker vs GPS tracker

To the left is a comparison between TabCat and a GPS tracker. You pay for the initial pack instead of the monthly or annual subscription. One handset can locate up to 4 cats, so one pack can be used for two cats because it comes with two Homing Tags. Or purchase additional for £19.99.

And TabCat works abroad using 2.45GHz band. The reviews on their shop are from the U.K. and USA.

Key Points:

  • No subscription
  • Mobile signal not required
  • GPS need 10+ metres to locate your pet but TabCat can find your cat to 2.5cm
  • Finds your cat in sheds and garages too
  • Finds your cat indoors and outdoors
  • Find your cat quickly
  • Homing tag is small and lightweight
  • Two Homing Tags supplied per pack
  • Protective covers included
  • Highly accurate
  • 2-year warranty
  • Supplied with a CR

Points to remember:

  • The Homing Tag is not waterproof
  • The splash-proof silicone protective cover protects against knocks and scrapes
  • TabCat is the initial version and TabCatV2 is the newer product
  • TabCat are currently updating the Homing tag

Available on TabCat’s Amazon store.

Price: £99

Affordable alarmed home security

Not all of us have the wage to supplement top-of-the-range or standard home security so how can you protect your home cheaply? There are affordable security devices that can deter potential intruders with a siren.

Door alarm

“I bought this for a child with special needs so I would know if they were opening the back door. I heard it going off twice at 4am one night so I know someone was outside trying the back door handle. I imagine this discouraged them.”


At some point, we have all forgotten to lock the back door, which is necessary to prevent opportunist thefts or to keep relations safe at home. As a precaution, a door handle alarm is advisable.

Defender is a well-known brand with many security devices: shed alarms, window alarms (see below), door brace, personal safety, key safe (recommended for holiday homes or an elderly relation), and an indoor personal safe.

Available on Amazon.

Price: £8.84

Although not security related, browsing Defender’s website (sold by Solon Security, which I have used), I found an odd-looking heater that claims to take the chill off a room. It promises constant heat to prevent dampness, moisture, condensation, freezing and mildew. And we are all looking to keep ourselves and our pets warm this Winter.

Available on Amazon.

Price: £34.95

how do door handle alarms work
Easy to use door handle alarm has a 125 decibels siren

Window alarm

are window alarms worth it
I purchased these for my home

These window alarms are easy to install.

When I lived alone, I had a garden leading onto a 10-foot, and I felt reassured to have these attached to windows at the back of the house. You can hear the 110dbs alarm in my video, and I show you how easy to set up.

You can buy from Defender’s official store on Amazon. These window alarms are recommended by Humberside Police and can be purchased from Neighbourhood Network in Hull.

Since purchasing, Defender confirmed that replacement stickers are not available through them. The red sticker is not UV protected so it fades. However, the alarm itself can still be seen and the alarm sounds if triggered. (February 2023)

Available on Defender’s Amazon store.

Price: £11.99 for two

The red warning sticker is visible externally but is not UV-protected. Since writing an article about the alarms, finding replacement labels has proven more difficult. So I recommend photographing the sticker and seeing if anyone can design a handmade label.

WiFi Door & Window Alarms: Coming soon – use with an app and compatible with Alexa and Google Home

Door Alarm with Remote Control: Coming soon – with a 120dBS siren

Camera-operated home security

Burg Protect Video Doorbell

what is a good inexpensive wireless security camera system
See and speak to the person at your door

The Burg Protect Video Doorbell DG8500 is available at Wilko online only.

It operates with wi-fi and has HD video quality and when the doorbell is pressed, you can see who is at your front door (or back door, depending on where you install it). Access the FREE Tuya Smart app on your Smartphone or tablet to view outside. The second plus is speaking to a visitor at home or away. The third plus is the device registers movement in the doorbell’s range.

Buy from Wilko online.

Price: £105

More coming soon


Rover UK – Loving Pet Care in your Neighbourhood Worldwide

“We care about the health and well-being of pets and want to give pet care providers the confideneto act quickly in an emergency.
Up to £25,000 in pet care for eligible claims
24/7 Rover support”

The Rover Guarantee

Rover UK is an approved worldwide network for pet owners looking for the following services:

  • Boarding in the sitter’s home
  • House sitting in your home
  • Drop-ins in your home
  • Doggy daycare in the sitter’s home
  • Dog walking in the neighbourhood
  • Goodpup virtual dog trainer

Rover UK recommends booking with trusted pet sitters. To give peace of mind, Rover UK ensures:

  • All new sitters pass identity verification
  • All sitters provide a detailed profile and personal information
  • All sitters are approved by our team of sitter specialists

The Rover UK network is available in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Sweden

Services are for cats and dogs and searches for sitters can be made using the app. The perks are the Rover Guarantee, 27/4 support and booking protection.

Search Rover UK.

Do you have a pet-related business?

“Get paid to play with pets.”

Rover UK

Rover UK offers you the opportunity to choose your hours and pricing structure, and by setting the criteria of type, size, and age of pets you are happy to help.

Register as a sitter.

Pet Services in HU postcodes(Humberside & East Yorkshire)

The following are details from business cards found in pet-related facilities for local businesses:

  • Sandy Paws & Salty Noses from HU1: 07956 494467
  • Paws R 4 Life from Withernsea: 07931 296245
  • Countryside Dog Sitters from Hollym: 07478 392494
  • Wright Dog Walker from Hedon: 07530 736740
  • Holderness K9 Klub Dog Training from Withernsea: 07817 711523

Cost of Living

Frugal Living

diy draft proofing your home
New YouTube channel

Frugal Living is a new YouTube channel, and over the next few months (from January 2023), we are revamping content. New content can be identified with orange banners.

can I do my own damp proofing

Dave and I live in a 200-year-old house and Anita lives in a cavity-walled house built in 2000. We share our tips, small and large during this energy and financial crisis and will include products discovered here too.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Door sweep draft excluder

Leather Door Sweep Draft Excluder

We bought this because of a tremendous draft beneath our kitchen door. The kitchen leads from a non-heated porch. I have tried all types of draft excluders at my previous home and each failed because the product fell off when opening the door. The Door Sweep from Lazbuy is tougher, has stopped the draft and is still attached to the door! The kitchen temperature has increased from 10 degrees to 12.9 early morning (without central heating). The porch is around 9.8 degrees.

How to stop drafts doors, windows, shed, garage
Easy to assemble

Watch our video: Best Leather Draft Excluder for Doors, Garage for Home Improvement: A MUST HAVE Energy Saving Tool

The Door Sweep is simple to assemble and the leather section is 2.6″ width x 36″ length. You get three good-quality foam rolls. Just cut to your required length after inserting them into the leather section. The Door Sweep Draft Excluder is an energy-saving product and will prevent you from losing heat and money, and if the heating is off during the energy crisis, it means fewer cold drafts coming into the home. It can be used indoors, outdoors, or in garages. There’s an option to use against a window surround base, although I don’t think it would look right; if you had a workshop or outbuilding window, it would be suitable. You can consider other types of draft excluders, but we recommend the product from Lazbuy.

Related article:

Price: £7.49

Available from Lazbuy on Etsy.

Air Fryers are a cheap way to cook food during the energy crisis. Cost of living tips
I love my Home Treats Air Fryer

Air Fryer means faster, healthier cooking.

Different sizes are available depending on requirements. A selection comes with optional grills, bake and roast, up to three compartments, litre capacity, maximum temperatures (eg 200 or 350 degrees), digital or dial, from 30 minutes cooking timer, and wattage.

Example of cooking times:

  • Fluffy chips – 13 minutes
  • Roast whole chicken – 60 minutes
  • 100g beef steak – 9 minutes
  • 250g salmon fillet – 7 minutes
  • Whole grilled fish – 20 minutes

Available at Home Treats on Amazon.

Find air fryer recipes at Philips.

Watch our video: PT 1: Buying Advice Before You Choose an Airfryer (visit video description box) & Unboxing HomeTreats AirFryer

Watch our video: PT 2: How To Test The Effectiveness of the Home Treats Air Fryer – Aldi Bread Rolls

Retro draft proofing the letterbox cover.

Stopping drafts coming through your letterbox saves money because it reduces heat loss. Our letterbox is not faulty, but cold air comes from the in-groove design used to lift the lid. Because the cover is made of thick, heavy, and quality material, it will reduce drafts and heat loss. The heart weighs the fabric down too and looks pretty. Our postman does not have issues putting letters through the letterbox. It is easy to fit this quirky letterbox cover; the video below shows you how easy it is.

Available from Atena Designs on Etsy

Quirky retro draft excluder decor
We opted for a vintage, stylish draft excluder in our old house

Watch the video: How Do I Stop Cold Air Drafts Coming Through My Letterbox? Quirky, Retro & Vintage Letterbox Cover


Wildlife, swans, ducks, poultry & dogs

Wildlife needs looking after too, especially during the cold months. Cheaper brands aren’t always nutritional so buying high-quality foods will give wildlife the energy required during the Winter.

Garden Wildlife Direct

buy bulk sunflower seeds
Peanuts, sunflower seeds, fat balls provide energy for birds

Garden Wildlife Direct is an online shop that provides seasonal food for birds and nutritional food for ducks, swans, hedgehogs, squirrels, ponds & fish, chicken & poultry, and bee & insect houses.

The range is extended to home & gifts, garden (weed killer, deterrents, lawn care, compost, tools), stoneware, home fuels, feeders, storage, nesting boxes, books, and guides.

Visit Garden Wildlife Direct

Added to the list is grain-free dog food kibble in four flavours, available in 15kg bags. Plus 30L (£15.99) or 45L (£19.99) bird or pet food storage bins. Available at Garden Wildlife Direct.

There is a debate about whether a grain-free diet is good or bad for your dog. Of course, this diet is appropriate if your dog has been diagnosed with an allergy. I always recommend speaking to your vet if unsure.

Registering with Garden Wildlife Direct gives you 10% off your first order.

what is the best grain free dog food
Available in 15kg bags as home delivery
what do ducks swan eat. can you buy swan duck food

If you live near a lake or river and love feeding swans and ducks, providing them with nutritional food to benefit their health is always best instead of chunks of bread. Sometimes you find small bags of swan and duck food for sale in parkland gift shops, but a larger one will be cheaper if you feed wildlife regularly with the children.

Available at Garden Wildlife Direct

Price: 1.5kg £8.49 to 13kg from £45.99



Longer nights are here. Be safe. Be seen.

horse reflector gear

VioVet Equine sells horse wear and rugs, care and grooming, stable and yard, wormers, horse supplements, clothing and accessories and horse prescription medication.

Coming in January, VioVet has discounts on high-visibility gear for horses and riders, so I have included the voucher code in this section.

High visibility gear for horses and riders is vital in low-light conditions.

This image shows that Hy Equestrian is one brand with a discount this January. This tail band comes in one size to fit all.

Other reflector products are a waterproof exercise sheet, rechargeable breastplate, neckband, nose band and head collar. And for you, reflective hatbands and jackets.

Visit the VioVet Equestrian store.

high visibility for horses.
Reflective tail band for horses

EasyTrim London for farriers

EasyTrim London provides professional equestrian care products.

Under the Farriers (Registration) Act 1975, only registered farriers can purchase horseshoes and nails. Please submit your farrier registration number when placing an order to buy these goods. EasyTrim London will verify with the Farriers Registration Council.

All professional farrier equipment from EasyTrim London are reputable brands.

Prevent hoof soreness and discomfort
what are dog stripping knives used for. What is the best hand stripping tool for dogs
Strip away dead hair without grooming

The company also provide dog grooming equipment called Dog Stripping Knives. The high-quality steel blades remove dead hairs from a cat or dog, leaving a clean and healthy coat.

A dog-stripping knife will not harm or hurt your dog, and a professional groomer will be trained.

The 4-set pack is ideal for a professional groomer because it contains coarse sizes (extra fine, fine, medium and coarse) depending on the breed and its fur type. Single knives are available if preferred; a fine knife suits cats and dogs with fine fur.

Professional equipment will be longer lasting than cheaper brands.

Stunning holiday properties that welcome dogs

Holiday Cottages in the United Kingdom

“I found booking the holiday on the website easy to do and there was plenty of communication from Holiday Cottages before our trip and afterwards.”

Guest review
dog friendly accommodation UK. best dog friendly accommodation
The Old Mill, Dartmoor, Devon

Holiday Cottages caters for accommodation that accepts pets but features pet-free properties too.

We have personally holidayed through Holiday Cottage with our 60kg rescue dog twice and recommend it.

Not all properties are cottages. You will find lodges, apartments, chalets, old stables, barns, converted workshops, water mills, working farms or quirky accommodations and you can read more about The Old Mill.

As you can see from Blakey View Cottage, standards are high, and this is what you can expect when choosing a holiday with Holiday Cottages. We stayed twice. It is easy to select a property, check dates and book.

Watch the video: Dog-friendly Blakey View Cottage

Book Blakey View Cottage.

Holidays are available for couples, families and groups in rural, coastal or city getaways. And if thinking of generating your income, you can let your property with Holiday Cottages too. Or consider buying an existing property.

Let Your Property with Holiday Cottages.

Buy an existing holiday property through Holiday Cottages.

best dog friendly accommodation UK
Lounge with a Winter log burner
Areas of outstanding beauty UK
View from the bedroom at Blakey View Cottage

There are numerous areas of Outstanding Beauty with beautiful self-catering properties available. This image shows the view from the bedroom window, overlooking the garden, fields, and the Moors beyond in Castleton, North Yorkshire.

You can watch Teddy’s ‘places to walk’ videos we filmed around North Yorkshire during our stay at Blakey View Cottage.

The blog has plenty of recommendations for accommodation suitable for dogs, babies, romance, top pubs and beaches for dogs, things to do in the rain and don’t forget Last Minute availabilities.

Accommodation is available at Holiday Cottages.

Subscriptions – food & health

Republic of Cats

There is a lot of competition with subscription boxes, with a selection offered as toy-only and others as food-only. Trial box prices vary, too, with food options as healthy or mainstream.

what is the best cat food subscription
Taster Box prices always fluctuate

Republic of Cats was founded by five fluffball fans and is a part of Tails for dogs.

The Taster Box includes wet and dry food to cover 28 meals. However, the Taster Box price is changeable, but by using my referral link, you will pay £2.50. Typically, the price is between £2.50 to £10 depending on whether you order from the website on a desktop computer or mobile.

In February 2023, the Taster Box increased to £10 again, so don’t forget to use my referral link to buy for £2.50. There is competition for food subscriptions. The image shows the contents, but flavour differs depending on your choices.

Watch the video: Taster Box contents with my cat Tabitha showing you how yummy the food is!


“The food is excellent quality and with lots of different flavours and textures.”

Customer review

Dry food comes in chicken and salmon; wet food choices are stews, gravies and pate.

Now, 28 meals give the impression you have a month’s food supply, but as the image shows, you get three boxes of five 85g cans and one small bag of biscuits, so it is 15 days of food.

cat food subscription box
Tabitha’s loved the fish pate

After the trial period, your monthly subscription cost will be higher. The monthly price depends on food choices. For example, dry food only, wet food only, or a mix of both. Like all companies today, prices have increased so I’ve listed trial subscriptions from £1.

Options to select food without the following:


Unfortunately, Republic of Cats does not offer specialised food:

CancerUrinary Tract
RenalPregnant Cats

Key points:

  • Available for adults and seniors
  • Option to delay orders
  • Cancellation of subscription
  • Build Your Box: Wet & dry. Wet food only. Dry food only
  • Option to change food choices
  • Subscription prices will vary depending on monthly choices
  • Change flavours anytime
  • Complete nutrition
  • Easy contact with Whats App
  • Delivered to your door
  • Aimed for nutritional needs and optimal health benefits

Order the Taster Box from Republic of Cats.

Tails for dogs

There seems to be less competition for canine subscription boxes so we tried, and it was a success with Teddy, our rescue dog.

“Every dog is different.
Discover the benefits of tailor-made kibble with 50% off your first box.”

what dog subscription is the best. Best dog food delivery UK
Our dog, Teddy, enjoyed his Tails kibble

Tails is a part of the Republic of Cats and operate similarly as subscription dog food delivered to your door.

Follow Tails on Instagram and Facebook, as occasionally they run competitions, and the prize is food for your dog!

When you sign up, you receive 50% off your first box. Afterwards, prices will vary depending on your wet and dry food choices.

Review: “I have now found a brilliant type of food that is made for my dog’s needs. She now has a spring in her step when it’s food time…” Owner of Kesha, an English Springer Spaniel.

Review: “…I recommend to all dog owners! You have control over everything and the quality of food is amazing, and no more expensive than supermarket generic food.” Owner of Cody

dog food delivery UK. how does tails work and is tails suitable for puppies
Teddy’s first dry kibble delivery

Watch the video: Teddy, our rescue dog, shows you what he thinks of Tails dry kibble.

Tails cater for all ages:


Food for the following requirements is available:

Joint careDental care

An example of subscription prices based on a dry kibble diet and your dog’s size:

Toy £13.51Small £19.25Medium £27.36
Large £40.24Giant £56.92
Prices correct December 2022 but are a guideline only

Wet food trays are priced from 70p and treats from £1 per bag.

Key points:

  • No added sugar, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Contains natural proteins fatty acids, Omega 3 & 6, good quality meat and fish
  • Pause deliveries anytime
  • Cancel your subscription anytime
  • Monthly price depends on the size of your dog
  • Recommended that puppy food is delivered fortnightly until your pooch is 14 weeks old

Order from


Flea and worm treatments

ItchPet has some fantastic artwork with quirky images to promote its products!

Order a box of monthly flea, tick & lice treatment for £7 with the first month FREE.

How it works:

  • Enter details about your pet
  • Any health issues or allergies and activity levels
  • Based on your answers, you’ll be given a plan with options for Itchpet products
  • You’ll receive FREE access to FirstVet’s video vet

ItchPet sent me a fantastic box of well-ness products for Teddy (dog) and Tabitha (cat) to try.

Watch the Video: Wellness products, no-grain & sensitivities goodies for dogs

ItchPets has an offer giving 25% off Itch Chills Chews calming and Jump For Joy joint chewable supplements – voucher code not required. Offers end 31st March 2023. Take advantage of the offer.

Watch the Video: Our dog’s canine friends test – Tasting the treats: Dogs review ItchPets Tibits

I tried Tabitha on these before moving house, then stopped because I wanted to save them for our move. My 16-year-old kitty is blind and deaf, and she had a few accidents initially, so I started her back on the calming capsules. I am happy to announce ItchPet calming capsules worked, and Tabitha relaxed, found her way around the new house, and started using her litter tray. Get your fluffballs chilled before the family arrive on Christmas day!

Watch the Video: Calming capsules for cats

Latest deal with ItchPet: 10 in 1 multivitamin power supplement for cats and dogs with a FREE tin & spoon. Voucher code is not required. Offer ends 13th May.

What are the supporting wellness areas for the ‘Best in Show’ supplement:

  • General wellness
  • Oral health
  • Gut health
  • Heart health
  • Eye health
  • Brain development
  • Immune system
  • Joints
  • Stress & anxiety
  • Skin & coat

Read more and watch the trailer.

Gifts, home, pet accessories, weddings

Etsy – handmade creations by worldwide artisans

“Shop confidently on Etsy knowing if something goes wrong with an order, we’ve got your back for all eligible purchases.”

Etsy Purchse Protection

Etsy is home to high-end products and TV advertised with seasonal products available all year round.


  • Seasonal Gifts
  • Wedding & Party (includes pets_
  • Psychic readings
  • Clothes & Shoes
  • Jewellery & Accessories
  • Toys & Entertainment
  • Home, Living & Garden
  • Pet Supplies
  • Art & Collectible
  • Craft Supplies & Tools
  • Skin & Hair

Available at Etsy

stair guard gate dogs

Stair gates just for dogs

Yes, baby gates are an alternative, but these stair gates designed for dogs do not mark your wall or bannister. All you do is position on the stairs.

These stair gates are handmade, and some sellers will personalise them too.

Various dog stair guards are available on Etsy.

Handmade cat beds with a twist

Quirky, retro, and traditional cat house beds – coming soon.

Moroccan-inspired cat house furniture from Handcrafted in Morocco on Etsy with 50% off.

Various cat bed houses are available on Etsy.

Various designer cat bed houses on Etsy.

designer retro Moroccan cat house bed furniture
The Moroccan-inspired cat house furniture
Pet friendly weddings
Stunning floral collar by Evie Rose bridal

Pet-friendly weddings

Venues are opening doors to family pets attending a couple’s wedding because registrars have given permission.

  • Ring bearer
  • Collars, leads, harness
  • Pet attire
  • Signage including signature drinks
  • Cat signature and photo
Dog collar for wedding day
Dress your pooch in the wedding day style by Giddings Gifts

These beautiful collections are available from Etsy.

Your big day

Etsy is the home of worldwide artisans and the perfect place to start in your search for wedding accessories, bridal clothing, party supplies and wedding decorations.

Available from Etsy.

Bridal supplies for wedding. Handmade quirky tiaras

Pet Creations

“I was looking for a different type of gift for my girlfriend for Christmas … and once the actual art came through (guinea pig with fairy tale castle), I loved it even more.”

cartoon your pet portrait
Pet portraits make super gifts

Pet Creation will work magic and create a cartoon image of your fluffball with or without a family member. The finished piece might feature your pet outdoors or in front of a fairy tale castle.

A coffee mug, fleece, canvas, and gift sets. Pet Creations can transform your cat, horse, duck, goldfish, hamster, and many more. And you can choose up to six pets per portrait.

Sale price from £42

Pet Creations is happy to create a cartoon of your pet and people. I once worked in the wedding industry and more and more couples bring the family dog as part of the ceremony. And during the evening, sometimes hire a caricaturist. So a pet and couple cartoon make a quirky and memorable wedding gift.

And if your puppy joined the family and connects with your toddler, it is a memorable gift.

turn your pet and child into a cartoon
Wedding day gift
disney pet portrait. cartoon wedding portrait with pet
All work are hand-drawn

Just supply a photograph of your pet, and talented artists do the rest.

If your pet has crossed to Rainbow Bridge, and you have an unclear image, Pet Creations will still help create a special cartoon of your late pet. And their favourite toy can be included.

Pet Creations do not use apps to transform your pet into a cartoon. The transformation is old-fashioned so hand-drawn.

Order from Pet Creations.

Pet prescriptions and own-brand medication

VioVet is for cats, dogs, small animals etc

buying a pet prescription saves you money
Molly’s prescription

VioVet is one of many approved online veterinary stores that can sell prescription medication with a prescription signed by a qualified vet. Additionally, VioVet offers a massive range of products for cats, dogs, small furries and often has voucher codes to give you money off.

The latest coupon is coming 1st April.

To save cash, look at VioVet’s full own brand products, which include:

SettleMe (calming), RenewMe (dementia and older cats), JointForce, FortiFlow (urinary support), RenaKal (kidney disease), EpiGlow (skin & coat), OraFresh (oral), ReguTum (probiotic) and TotalVit (multivitamins).

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Available at VioVet with £5 off orders of at least £50 for first-time customers using discount code: VAMAR23

Own brands products can be the cheaper options for pet care
Keep your pet’s teeth in tip top condition to prevent dental bills

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Online Retailers

It’s worth researching online pet retailers for the best deal. They have regular offers and price are cheaper than the supermarkets or retail parks too.

Bunty Pet Products

“The extra height of the sides helps support the dog’s weight and alleviates pressure on the joints. The sides also provide a feeling of security and safety for the dog, which can be especially helpful for dogs or puppies who may be experiencing anxiety or stress.”

Bunty Pet Products
Regal dog bed for joint issues
Posh bed for dogs with joint issues

Bunty Pet Products supplies crates, harnesses, walking gear and dog beds selling under its own brand.

From 20th to 31st March 2023, Bunty offers 20% off their website.

Voucher code: SPRINGSALE20

Available at Bunty Products.


How to keep old cats warm in winter
The brand I chose for Tabitha

Amazon is a well-known marketplace and sometimes offers next-day and FREE delivery if you are a Prime subscriber.

It is worth researching pricing as sometimes Amazon can be cheaper, but equally, occasionally more.

An example is the heated bed I bought for my geriatric cat Tabitha. You can purchase from VioVet for £32.49 with FREE carriage because the goods are over £29 to qualify. Or you can buy from the Pet Remedy store on Amazon for £30.94. These prices are correct for December 2022.

Senior and geriatric cats, with or without arthritis or basic joint issues, will feel the cold. Tabitha ‘lives’ on her bed. Ensure your cat lays on the unprinted side and lay a cover over it for your cat to sleep on. Because of the current energy crisis and the heating is switched on for one hour daily, I also wrap Tabitha up in a large soft fleece blanket. Her happy purrs make me feel happy.

But the heated bed isn’t just for older pets. It is ideal for contained animals recovering from injury or illness, pregnant cats and even rabbits.

The size is 38 x 42cm so ideal for small older dogs too. In October, the cost was 2p to 4p per hour. I will check the current price when we receive our replacement Display Unit. The above cost was calculated with only the fridge, and chest freezer switched on.

If you are not a fan of Amazon, the Pet Rescue Remedy heated bed is available at VioVet.

Price: £32.49

heated cat beds UK
Ideal for cats and small dogs

Watch the video: All you need to know about the Pet Remedy Heated Pet Mat.

heated dog bed uk
The Tozey range has large dog beds

We ordered another heated bed for Teddy, our senior rescue dog. The brand is Toozey and for a giant 60kg, 120 x 70cm was an adequate size. This size is also suitable for a Collie, Labrador, or German Shepherd size dog. Teddy is part Moiritic Shepherd dog.

The bed has 6 temperatures and 4 settings for a timer. When plugged into the mains, switch it on from the bed controller.

Price: around £60 for 120cm x 70cm

Unfortunately, the Toozey is currently only available in 70 x 40cm. Alternatively, Petnf sell this size heated pad.

Monster Pet Supplies

‘…friendly and knowledgeable customer happiness team’.

Monster Pet Supplies

Monster Pet Supplies sells foods and accessories for cats, dogs and small furries (food, health, bedding & hay), birds (wild and chicken foods) and horses (healthcare, balancers & feed, licks & treats.

I love the classy Barbour range and the sale is still on.

Barbour dog coat
Designer, waterproof or thermal available

Barbour waterproof dog coat.

You can’t beat traditional tartan. This coat is made with waterproof fabric and reflective binding. It has velcro fastening across the chest and strap and buckle around the body.

And to show your pooch is full of class, the Barbour embossed badge is visible to the lower outer side of the dog coat.

Also available are quilted or waxed coats in small, medium and large. With over 24% off you can buy a Barbour for £27.59 to £37.25.

Barbour reflective tartan dog collar.

Choose from three Barbour collars from classic tartan, taupe & pink or with reflective piping.

Each is available in small, medium or large and gives neck sizes on the listing. However, neither give the width of the collar, which is essential depending on the size of your dog.

A collar should sit over the fur and nearer the ears, not at the neck’s base, because it would cause stress on the vocal chords.

Currently, there’s 30% off so prices range from £17.55 to £18.99.

Barbour tartan collar
Don’t forget a matching lead!
Barbour blankets

Barbour dog or cat blanket

Keeping your pets warm in Winter is important and this blanket consists of sherpa fleece on one side and cotton tartan on the other.

Size: 127 x 152cm

With 29% off the price is £49.35.

Why not spoil your pooch with the entire Barbour range – a bowl, wash bag, toys, harnesses, towels and a jumper.

5% sale continues until the end of March.


cat subscription boxes or mega boxes
You can bulk buy various brands

Zooplus is one of many online retailers that offer better deals than supermarkets.

To save money during the current crisis, it’s worth looking at mega boxes of 48 or 96 cans or sachets of food for whichever brand you prefer. Although you pay more for one purchase, calculating the costs over 2 or 3 months will work out cheaper.

So give Zooplus a try!

The chart below gives a price comparison between Republic of Cats fish pate and the Gourment fish pate from Zooplus. Zooplus has the best deal for this brand.

RetailerFood Type
Overall Price per 30 daysPrice per CanPostage
Republic of Cats
(monthly subscription – 30 cans per month)
Fish Pate£37.00£1.23Free
(order as an when – 96 cans over 3 months)
Gourmet Gold Ocean Fish Pate£14.6646pFree over £39
Updated January 2023

Because of the cost of living crisis, like you, I have had to look at cutbacks but ensure my cat Tabitha eats. I recommend buying a single can of Gourmet to see if your cat likes it. Cats are fussy, but it depends on health issues too. Tabitha developed high blood pressure and 95% blindness, and stress caused weight loss. Clearing her plate is essential. I frequently keep an eye on Zooplus’ Gourmet offers and in October used a 30% off discount and saved £13.35.

Zooplus has regular offers and I include them here.

Republic of Cats – Try the Taster Box for £2.50 with my referral link.

Watch the Video: What’s in the taster box?

Raising money towards pet care

Shop & Scan: Gain rewards and spend on goods

Shop & Scan is another way to buy products for free with reward points.

There isn’t any guarantee you will be accepted as it is based on geographical location. You are given a small scanning device; you only upload your shopping receipts and scan the product barcodes. Then transmit weekly.

You can join by invitation or apply via

I purchased two appliances because I had enough reward points from scanning.

Watch the Video:

Amazon Shopper Panel: Earn £5 a month

Amazon Shopper Panel is can help you buy for free.

Download the app from Apple or Google Play. All you do is upload receipts from everyday shopping (Asda, Tesco, Aldi, your local tearoom) using your mobile camera, and you can answer surveys. I earned £36.35 for April to September.

Another two apps to try are Shoppix (open) and HuYu (closed).

Your pet’s health

Specialised bedding, supplements and grooming

Christie’s Direct

Christie’s Direct is a dog grooming store and is Ideal for parlours and home grooming.

what clipper is easy to groom my dog at home
We found the Andis range easy to use when grooming our Romanian rescue dog

I included this company because even though it sells supplies for professional dog groomers, the amateur, like us, can use them too. Because of the hike in energy costs and food, we have been looking at ways to cut back financially. Having Teddy professionally groomed costs £70, so we purchased the Andis AGC2 UltraEdge Clippers, costing £145. If your dog attends the groomers regularly, you will recoup the cost and start saving money. We have.

Admittedly, as it is Winter 2022, Teddy has a bath and towel-dry at the groomer for £15. We do not have a downstairs shower room to wash him at home.

It doesn’t matter if you are a dog grooming pro, a student or an amateur with plans to groom your pooch at home, Christie’s Direct caters to everyone. Dave and I were concerned that we were wasting our money in case grooming was challenging, but the Andis UltraEdge are easy to handle and use, and with practice, our grooming technique is improving.


“First time doing home grooming. These clippers (Andis UltraEdge) were light and easy to use.”

what clipper is easy to groom my dog at home
We own the Andis UltrEdge clippers

Watch the Video: Andis AGC2 UltraEdge Clippers showing how easy these clippers are to use.

Watch Teddy’s Instagram video – it shows a close-up of how the clipper glides through thick fur: Grooming with the Andis AGC2


“Bought for a labradoodle with a fleece coat (Heiniger Sapphire). I had previously tried buying a cheaper make and model and regretted it.”

Heiliger Saphir Dog Grooming clippers
Heiniger Saphire

Reading about other brands, the Wahl Km5 and Heiniger Saphire were other options. Read more about the brands before you decide to purchase.

Wahl Km5 for professional and home dog grooming
Wahl KM5


“Used on my Cocker Spaniel, who is a bit timid, but he’s fine with these (Wahl KM5). Pretty quiet too.”


Buy from Christie’s Direct:


YuMove offers our pets an active, pain-free life, anxiety-free with its range of natural joint care, calming capsules, multivitamins, skin & coat, digestion, supplements and mobility aid for humans. If your pet has severe joint pain, please seek medical advice from your vet in case the stronger medication is required. If so, the cheaper option is to purchase a prescription. YuMove’s products are available for all ages.

Don’t forget the £10 starter trial box – offer ends 31st March 2023.

Natural joint help for cats

If your cat has kidney problems but needs help with stiffness, moving and walking, and joint issues, then YuMove Joint Care can help. It’s phosphate-free, so it will not harm the kidneys.

A single purchase or regular is available with prices depending on your choice.

The initial recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day for the first 4 – 6 weeks, then 1 capsule daily. It is easy to give as you sprinkle it into food.

Dogs and cats can be pickles when given any medication, so YuMove formulated these tasty chew treats for older dogs already with joint stiffness and issues.

Buy from YuMove: YuMove promises you will see a difference in your senior dog in four weeks.

higher strength joint care for older stiffer dogs

Older dogs are prone to more stiffness and pain, so Plus+, a higher-strength formula, will be the better option because it provides extra support.

Buy from YuMove: YuMove promises you will see the difference in your dog’s mobility within six weeks.

Joint Care isn’t just for senior dogs. There are formulas available for puppies growing joints and adult dogs showing signs of stiffness.

Key Points:

  • If you subscribe for regular deliveries, you can pause or cancel anytime
  • Option of a one-off purchase
  • Contains ActiveEase Green-Lipped Mussel
  • Money back guarantee
  • If you have any questions, you can speak to someone
  • Refer a Friend for 50% off for you and your friend.

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Kally Sleep

Kally Sleeps is primarily for humans but the company has now ventured into memory foam dog beds and is sold by big named high street retailers. The aim is for bedding to help elevate limbs, complete support for ankles to shoulders, take pressure off the joints and muscles, and for spine alignment to ease back pain. The same applies to orthopaedic dog beds as it relieves joint pressure and pain.

At the moment, Kally Sleeps has 50% off.

The correct sized orthopaedic bed is important
An orthopaedic bed must have the correct filling and be non-slip

Kally Sleep sent me a dog bed to test. A reader of Poppy’s Pets has rescue dogs; Midge and Tess both have joint problems and tested the bed.

Before you buy an orthopaedic bed for your dog, there are product points to consider. For example, filling, anti-tear, water-resistant etc. Your dog may need a specialised bed when your canine has difficulties getting off its bed, sore joints, or the bed is too small.

In this video, we tested the Kally Sleep memory foam orthopaedic bed for dogs. This video examines whether this bed can help dogs with mobility problems.

We tested the bed to see if it could help these dogs improve their mobility. Then we give the bed a verdict on whether it was a success.

Make sure to watch the video to find out the results!

Watch the video: Rescue Dogs with Mobility Problems Try Out a Memory Foam Orthopaedic Bed – What’s the Verdict?

The specialised dog bed comes in two sizes and your dog needs enough room to stretch out.

Small / Medium 63 x 50 x 20cm – Price £49.98

Medium / Large 76 x 60 x 20cm – Price £62.48

You can expect a bed to be water and tear-resistant, anti-slip, washable cover, and hollow fibre bumpers, and relieve joint pressure and pain when your dog rests.

Several retailers are selling Kally Sleep’s orthopaedic dog beds, including M&S.

dogs beds suitable for dogs with arthritis
Especially beneficial for older dogs

Available from Kally Sleeps.


“I purchased the Kally bed for my dog who is recovering from back/disk issues. It was advised to have a bed that gave pressure relief. After researching countless branded dog beds I came across kally dog beds and I thought these are people who know ‘beds’…. And I wasn’t wrong…. Arrived quickly, easily assembled at home so the cover can be removed and washed at anytime this ticked all my boxes. I added my dogs own cover for some familiar comfort (i have a fussy dog) and he took to it straight away – you can see when he gets off the bed the base bounces back into shape proving how much ‘cushioning’ his joints are getting. Highly impressed and thankful for a great bed and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

Kally Sleep Customer

John Lewis, Mamas & Papas and M&S stock Kally Sleep for people but you can buy directly from the supplier, especially with its up to 75% Winter sale. Below is a selection of Kally Sleep products.

thermal duvets. hypoallergenic duvet
10.5 tog available in double and king

Thermal, hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty-free duvet.

The duvet is ideal for allergies, and asthma sufferers and provides a comfortable night’s sleep.

Warming fibres will keep you cosy and snug on colder nights. Combined with a brushed cotton fitted sheet and duvet cover, you will be super warm if the heating is off.

Available at Kally Sleeps.


“Best thing on a cold night to keep you warm.”


Energy-saving electric heat blanket.

We are all looking for ways to keep warm during the energy crisis, and this electric blanket can warm up your bed before bedtime. If, like us, the heating is off most of the time, the bed sheets feel too cool.

Key features:

  • 3 temperature settings
  • Overheat protection
  • Detachable control for machine wash
  • Fast warm-up
  • Soft and cosy fleece cover
  • 2-year guarantee
energy saving electric bed blanket to keep warm

Current electric usage: (costs will differ depending on your energy supplier and the charges at that time):

0.7p per hour on the lowest setting

2.2p per hour on the highest setting

Available at Kally Sleeps.

Pregnancy & Baby offer

There’s 30% off Baby Nests too.


“I absolutely love this pillow – it’s the best thing i’ve bought so far in my pregnancy. I started ti feel uncomfortable sleeping around 20 weeks and this gives me so much support.”

Kally Sleep customer
Pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy pillow – 150cm x 33cm and 3kg.

This U-shaped pillow gives total body support to your back and bump with a firmness rated 5/10 medium, and is suitable for side sleepers too.

It has a breathable cotton outer layer to keep you cool and anti-allergy-treated fibres that protect you against bacteria.

Other pregnancy aids available are the body pillow and, ring seat cushion.

All Kally Sleep products have a 14-day trial.

Available at Kally Sleeps.


“So comfortable. I’ve had the best night’s sleep since I bought this.”


Menopause cooling mattress topper.

The topper is available in double and king with temperature-regulating side walls. The good news is the support from hormonal hot flushes, combined with depth gives comfort and cooling qualities.

Additionally, it has anti-allergy-treated fibres to protect you against any bacteria.

Menopause hot flashes - bedding to keep cool at night


Double 190cm x 135cm x 6cm

King 200cm x 152cm x 6cm

Bunty Pet Products

Dogs (and cats) have different requirements at whatever age. You may prefer a waterproof bed because easy to clean or if your dog (or cat) has minimal (dribbles) or major incontinence issues.

Harness & Bundle Deal: Buy 2 harnesses and get a FREE lead with Bunty Products. The discount is automatically applied.

dog cat incontinence bed. washable dog cat bed UK
Water-resistant bed

Bunty Pet Products has a variety of beds from waterproof, corner floor beds, raised beds or armchair cushion beds.

Older pets sometimes have problems holding their bladder, so a hard-wearing, durable, water-resistant bed is better than a fabric bed. Also, its rubber-gripped base gives your dog or cat stability if unsteady on its paws.

The Anchor bed is available in four sizes and colours.

Springtime offer: 20% off your first order using Voucher code: SPRINGSALE20

Available at Bunty Pet Products.

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