Cat Food ‘Subscription’ Boxes: Which One is the Best?

cat food subscription box

Paying for a cat food subscription means you do not have to lug heavy cans or boxes of cat food to your vehicle or home from the supermarket. Or perhaps you find ordering monthly pet food online time-consuming and inconvenient. Several feline subscription providers offer low-price trials, giving you a week or two of cat food. With this, you can see whether your cat enjoys the new food before further commitment. But that’s not all—subscription providers give their feline customers several other perks worth considering.

Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying heavy cans or boxes of cat food from the supermarket to your vehicle or home. Bid farewell to the time-consuming process of ordering pet food online. The solution you’ve been longing for is here: a cat food subscription service. By subscribing, you unlock a world of convenience as your feline companion’s food is delivered to your doorstep. But the benefits don’t end there—choosing a pet food subscription offers a multitude of perks that are sure to make your life easier, and your cat happier and will give you free food. Let’s explore which cat food subscriptions are worth considering.

How cat food subscription service works and the ordering process

We shall explore three cat food subscription services, all of which I have or am using, but first, let’s look at how the system works.

Subscription service – the service consists of regular monthly deliveries of pre-selected cat food in exchange for a monthly amount. Delivery is usually advertised as free but very likely built into the costs.

Open an account – to register, a customer opens an account online and enters pet details. This includes name, age, breed, health, weight, and food preferences. Your information is required, including payment details. If you continue using the subscription service, payment is automatically taken on a specific date each month.

Operating your account – the subscription operation is run from your account and here you control deliveries and cat food choices. These choices can be changed according to your cat’s tastes. Or you may want to experiment with different cuisines (gravies, pate, shredded meat) or flavours. With KatKins, for example, you can pre-select how many you want of one particular flavour.

The flexibility of deliveries – because you have complete control, it gives 100% flexibility in food choices and volume of deliveries. You can pause, delay or cancel orders completely without penalties. Your responsibility is to maintain your requirements from your account.

Types of subscription services – this article looks at food only but some providers include treats and toys for felines. Food-only subscription providers give you optional extras – litter and treats, for example.

The perks – always check emails from subscription services; you get freebies or better deals during Black Friday or Christmas. These companies want your business. My article Freebies & Cash Incentives: How I do it, gives you the opportunity of product testing for KatKin. In fact, I have several articles like this, which you can browse

Shopping List:

The benefits of home delivery and the convenience it offers cat owners

Cat food provisions delivered directly to your home save you time and the worry of whether your usual supermarket has stock, which has been a regular occurrence during Covid and since, especially if you need food for a particular age group. Home delivery means you aren’t carrying heavy boxes to the car, on the bus or walking home.

The perks of a cat food subscription

The provider wants to keep your business, especially as the market is saturated with other companies offering similar packages.

Pause your deliveries – I paused my Republic of Cat subscription, and to entice me back, the provider eventually offered me a 3-month discount. This equated to £5 off each month. My KatKins subscription has been paused for a long-time and recently I was encouraged to reactive the subscription with an offer of 50% off. Now, in December 2023, I have been offered the Savers Plan and signing up for an in-house testers panel, which you can read about in my other article.

Get free or discounted food – as a customer with an online car food account, you may benefit from discounts, so always check those drop-down boxes within your account. – I received two free boxes of cat food and made a YouTube video. Each box had a month’s supply inside. I took advantage of Republic of Cats’ Refer a Friend as it helps me financially if someone joins. Now, as the video says, using my link, you currently get the Taster Box for free, and I receive £10 credit. You can take advantage of KatKins Refer a Friend too. You get 50% off your first order when you use the link and add my name (Lesley Bonney) and I get 50% off the next food order. This is a perk you can take advantage of.

Watch the Video: How to get FREE cat food with Republic of Cats – I’ve earned £140 from Republic of Cats

Order a FREE Taster Box using my referral link

Watch the Video: What’s in Republic of Cats Taster Box

Watch the Video: KatKins Human-Grade Trial Box – new video coming in January 2024 with the new recipe.

I always find ways to save money and get free products, which has helped enormously because my senior cat Tabitha’s weight dropped to under 3kg from High Blood Pressure, and she developed semi-blindness overnight. And, during the final stages of us both living in a domestic abuse life, her weight plummeted to 2.43kg (she wasn’t harmed directly), so now safe, she is eating more; hence the free food is welcomed because we fled suddenly to another county.

Low-price trials and the importance of finding the right food for your feline

Trials are commonplace now, with prices very low. Taking advantage of providers offering food to try helps you because it avoids huge quantities of food waste if your feline dislikes a particular food, and you save financial loss. Because there is competition with food subscriptions, the market is very competitive with what trial offers consist of and the cost of regular orders. For example, my article 5 Cat Food Retailers with Trial Offers highlights those starting from £1. One thing they have in common is the no-contract.

of course, registering for monthly food can be worrying because of the commitment, especially during the cost of living crisis. So, to make a subscription tempting, there isn’t a contract to tie you in – the provider gives the customer total control. Using your account, you can pause deliveries for however long, especially if your fussy feline is bored with the food and wants to try something else. And, if you do not want to continue, close the account. It is that simple.

Ensure you check your account regularly, payment dates and despatch. Often, payment is taken a few days before the despatch of the food.

Exploring 3 cat food subscription providers and 1 ‘as & when’

Republic of Cats

Order a trial taster box trial cat food box for cost of living to feed your pet

“Milo our Maine Coon is very fussy – Milo loves the shredded meat and pate..”


This brand is my top choice because it perfectly caters to Tabitha’s preferences for fish pate food and she eats every bit. The best part is that you can switch flavours every month, except if your feline companion has allergies. Allergy-inducing flavours are clearly marked as ‘off the table’ in your account but if you change your mind, you contact staff using WhatsApp.

It’s important to note that cat food differs from the fresh human-grade food options provided by KatKins. Republic of Cats’ recipes include animal derivatives like heart, kidney, liver, and more, ensuring a balanced and nutritious meal for your beloved cat. The Republic of Cats stands by the quality and safety of these ingredients.

Based on the feeding plan explicitly tailored for Tabitha, it recommends one can a day. However, it’s worth mentioning that you can adjust the feeding portions according to your cat’s needs and preferences. One daily can be adequate for your cat if it is the correct weight and dry biscuits are provided. Tabitha is underweight and needs more, alongside her dry biscuits.

The Taster Box trial gives your cat 14 days of food. Using my Referral Link, you’ll receive this FREE (Started March 2024). Accessing and registering directly will cost you £4.99 or £10.

Expect to enter the following at registration:

  • How many cats would you like to register?
  • Give your cat/s name, sex and age
  • Confirm activity: indoor, indoor and outdoor, or outdoor
  • Breed
  • Spayed or unspayed
  • Weight and weight goal: lose a few pounds, maintain weight, gain a few pounds
  • Support needs: health options – if your cat has specific health options, it will be recommended you speak to your vet, then accept the disclaimer if you continue with the registration
  • Cat goals (select 2): reduce hairballs, healthier coat, itch less, shed less, healthier teeth & gums, less sensitivity, manage intolerances and allergies, better smelly poo
  • Select dry biscuits, more dry than wet or an equal mix
  • You are given a summary of your plan
  • Your plan gives the volume of food recommended daily, but I fed Tabitha the amount she wanted
  • Choose flavours
  • Optional extras: litter, treats

Key features:

  • Partnered with for dogs
  • 14 days of 85g cans of wet food and a bag of chicken or salmon kibble
  • Choice of gravies, stews, pate or shredded
  • Flavours include salmon, poultry, turkey, chicken
  • It uses 100% recyclable packaging
  • Averages £1.06 per day depending on your choices (**April 2023 based on £33 / 31 days fish pate only. Subscription prices will vary depending on food choices)
  • Manage your account via an app
  • Cancel anytime
  • Change your delivery date anytime
  • Also available: 50% recycled material litter, treats
  • Refer a friend to get £10 per recommendation
  • Join the Facebook Community

Republic of Cats survey of 60 felines – according to their owners

  • 60% of cats had shiny coats
  • 30% were less fussy with food
  • 29% shred less fur
  • 28% vomited up fewer hairballs
  • 47% of cats were happier

Tabitha’s verdict: She eats every morsel of her pate fish food and chicken kibble. She had diarrhoea with the chicken & pork and disliked the salmon kibble.

Rufus’ verdict: He loved the chicken & pork and did not need an introduction.

Join Republic of Cats

KatKin – freshly steamed human-grade food

New style KatKins recipes arrives in a new creative box
The new look box
Katkins human grade cat food subscription
New recipe
KatKins original recipe is available until Autumn 2023
Original recipe

“She had colitis which is why I looked for a healthy option. This has cleared up and she is now a hapy healthy cat.”

KatKin review

KatKin pride itself on its steamed cooking process, preserving the freshness and nutrition of its recipes. Unlike commercial cat food cooked at searing temperatures for extended shelf-life – It’s quite alarming what goes into commercial foodKatKins meals are prepared to maintain their natural goodness. Since cats are true carnivores, fresh meat tastes incredibly enticing. However, it’s important to note that individual feline preferences may vary, especially if never encouraged to eat human-grade meat during their lifetime. To help your cat transition to the new food, KatKin recommends gradually introducing it, which is the same method for all diet changes. Start by adding one teaspoon of KatKin to your cat’s existing food, and gradually increase the amount while reducing their old food until KatKin becomes their main diet. KatKin is packed with high-quality ingredients and is designed to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Here’s some exciting news for December 2023: KatKin is offering 25% off your first two boxes. The subscription price for 28 days of food will vary depending on the selected diet and how much your cat eats, ranging from approximately £1.89 to £2.35 per tray or pouch. Alongside biscuits, half a tray daily may be adequate if your cat is the correct body weight. Tabitha tested the new recipe in July 2023 and the video is live soon.

Watch the Video: Part 1 – KatKins Trial Pouch Food ***Old recipes available until November 2023

Watch the Video: Part 2 – Perks with KatKins and the New Recipe

Watch the Instagram reel: Show you the new style KatKin food trays

Watch the Reel: Recycle the KatKin ice packs – keep kitty cool in the Summer or use them for camping or picnics to keep food cool

The best part is that you have complete control over your subscription—you can pause, delay, or cancel it anytime without worrying about penalties. You eliminate the additives and excessive cooking in commercial cat food by choosing fresh food. Instead, you provide your cat with the best nourishment for its health and well-being.

Your order will arrive on ice, so store it in the freezer. Defrost that day’s meal in the fridge. My original trial arrived with extras – a large bulldog clip an open pouch, savoury sprinkles and a canvas shopping bag. I recommend removing the food from the fridge and bringing it down to room temperature after the food has defrosted. If it is too cold, kitty may get a chill in its tummy.

Treat your feline companion to the goodness of KatKin— Join Katkin. Don’t forget to read my article 5 Cat Food Retailers with Trail Offers because it gives you information about KatKin Savers Plan and becoming a product tester.

Katkin uses FSC-certified materials:

1: Materials from forests.

2: Biodegradable & compostable liner insulated from sheep’s wool, so use it as a cosy soft cat mattress! The outer is 100% recyclable and can be used as a cat playground or bed house!

3: The ice bag is filled with water or refreeze for camping or to keep your cat cool in the summer

What’s INCLUDED – 100% Fresh Premium Meat:

1: From U.K. farms

2: One pouch serves 2 meals for one cat ( more for the smaller kitten)

3: Food is Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist

4: Premium ingredients we’d eat ourselves

5: Transparent ingredient labels

6: Steam cooked to keep nutrients

7: Fresh food which can be frozen

8: Option to warm up

What’s NOT included:

1: Hidden ingredients

2: Animal derivatives & by-products

3: Nutrients destroyed from cooking at high temperatures

4: No fillers or unknown ingredients

5: Sterilised so it lasts years and found with detergents

Key features:

  • Formulated by a Vet Nutritionist rather than Vet Approved
  • The subscription includes 28 days of fresh meat
  • KatKin say the meat used is good enough for humans
  • Choices of fish, red meat, duck or poultry
  • The fresh meat recipes will keep your feline hydrated
  • Made without fillers or grains
  • Averages £1.75 to £2.35 per day depending on your choices and volume served (price April 2023)
  • Manage your account via an app or online
  • Cancel anytime
  • Change your delivery date anytime
  • Also available: Tofu flushable litter, salmon or chicken treats
  • Refer a friend and get 50% off your next order for each person referred

93% of KatKin converts report:

  • Less smelly poop
  • Helps your cat regain a healthy weight
  • The recipes give your cat a fuller and shinier coat
  • More energy and their cats play more
  • Less diarrhoea, weight loss, colitis, vomiting
  • Helped felines with food allergies and sensitive stomach
  • Resumed appetite

Tabitha’s verdict – new recipe: She loves it!

Tabitha’s verdict – original recipe: It was a no

Rufus’ verdict – original recipe: It was a no!

Join KatKins

Pets at Home easy-repeat

Wainwrights hypoallergenic wet cat food
Hypoallergenic cat food

“Never pay full price again”.

Pets at home

Pets at Home’s Easy-Repeat service is another name for a subscription. The service caters to cats and dogs with various food brands. While searching for hypoallergenic food, I stumbled upon the repeat order service offered by Pets at Home. I recently looked into other online pet supply retailers and they offer two levels – a subscription or buying as a ‘one-off’, which appears to be a common theme now. ItchPet is another online retailer which offers wellness products and flea treatments.

To give you an idea of the pricing, let’s consider the Wainwright Hypoallergenic Complete Mature Wet Cat food, specifically the sachets featuring delicious flavours like chicken and tuna. I purchased a box containing 32 x 85g sachets in March 2022 costing me £17.99, and the prices below are based on June 2023 costs.

  • One-time purchase £23.99
  • Easy-repeat service £21.59

With the convenience of regular deliveries and a wide selection of available food brands, Pets at Home simplifies providing nourishment for your beloved cat or dog. Food available is mainstream, containing derivatives, better quality brands and specialised products. The service is easy to use and the difference between easy-repeat and the subscription service offered by Republic of Cats and KatKins is you do not need to add details about your pet.

Key features:

  • Prices vary as it depends on what you order
  • Independent brands
  • Manage your account via an app
  • Cancel anytime and delay orders
  • Or collect in-store
  • Keep a look out on the website for discounts

Tabitha’s verdict: She is still deciding on the Wainwright food

Join Pets at Home

Comparing the cost-effectiveness of online purchases

Zooplus – as & when

cat subscription boxes or mega boxes

“Best online retailer.”

Your Dog & Your Cat winner 2021

If you’re looking for a bulk cost-effective option and do not have to pause or delay deliveries, consider purchasing from an online pet retailer like Zooplus. Opting for their mega boxes provides weeks’ worth of food for a single cat, which saves money compared to buying small quantities from supermarkets. These mega boxes come in different sizes, such as 48, 60, or 96 cans, allowing you to choose the most suitable option for your needs, but you must remember to order as it isn’t a monthly subscription service. However, similar to subscription packages, it is home delivery.

It’s worth noting that some options may be temporarily out of stock, indicating that consumers already recognise the value of buying in bulk to save money in the long run. I have found Zooplus to be a reliable choice for purchasing pet food in larger quantities and frequently find they have discounted offers.

One advantage of shopping with Zooplus is their zooPoints program, which you can read about. Every £1 earns you a single point. Keep an eye on your My Zooplus account, as these points have an expiry date but Zooplus alert you. You can redeem these accumulated zooPoints in the Reward Shop, where you’ll find a wide range of products including food, treats, and toys. Alternatively, you can choose to make a charitable donation.

So take advantage of the buy-as-and-when option by purchasing mega boxes from Zooplus. Not only will you enjoy significant cost savings, but you’ll also have the opportunity to earn zooPoints and explore the exciting rewards.

My new video will give you more information about getting free food with Zooplus.

Watch the Video: How I Received Free Food from Zooplus

Key features:

  • Earn zooPoints to offset against free products
  • Free delivery over £39, but sometimes they run a Free Delivery offer for orders from £10
  • Cost-effective
  • Constant savings on mega boxes

Tabitha’s verdict: She loves Gourmet fish pate as much as the Republic of Cats fish pate.

Visit Zooplus

Key Takeaways

  • The trial food box will cost less using my referral link compared to the price of going directly to Republic of Cats
  • Delay, pause or cancel your subscription
  • KatKins offers a healthier and fresher diet for your cat
  • Trial cat food offers the opportunity to see if your cat enjoys the food before any commitment
  • Zooplus is best for online discounts with bulk buying
  • Subscriptions save time shopping or surfing the net
  • Using referral links can get you free food or a discount
  • Subscribing can give you offers and freebies

Related Questions:

Is a cat food subscription service worth the money?

It would be best if you weighed everything up. The cost is one thing to consider- a box of 40 sachets of Whiskas is £10.95 at Tesco (price correct April 2022), which makes each sachet approximately 27p.

If you purchased the Taster Box from Republic of Cats, costing £2.50, the 15 cans cost 16p each – unless you take advantage of the free offer using my referral link. But you get a bag of kibble too, which is not calculated in the 33p. You need to calculate the cost if you decide to have the subscription.

Deciding whether a cat food subscription is worth the investment depends on various factors. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research to assess the financial implications by comparing prices to your current food expenses and considering your cat’s consumption needs. Additionally, evaluating if the subscription food aligns with your cat’s health requirements is essential. For many cat owners, opting for KatKins, human-grade food, has proven transformative, effectively addressing internal health issues and promoting overall well-being.

Poppy’s Pets has a column in an East Yorkshire newspaper


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