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Lesley writer at Poppys Pets and domestic abuse

Lesley – Owner & writer

Poppy’s Pets began as a dog walking business but after my first fluffball client Covid-19 started. That November, Poppy’s Pets became a website with a YouTube channel to follow.

In May 2021, I was approached by a newspaper, Withernsea District & Community News, serving the Holderness coast and inland, to have a pet-related column.

The newspaper closed in 2023 because of running costs, and I was approached by Holderness Gazette and offered another pet column. By then, I’d fled a domestic abuse & violent relationship and because no longer living in Yorkshire, the offer was retracted.

Joey cat from Poppys Pets


Joey was my boy – he had pancreatitis, the grumps and was very independent with the occasional cuddle when he lowered his barriers. His best friend was Tabitha.

Joey died suddenly in March 2017, aged 13 – he developed on going seizures after hitting his head in a cat fight when a neighbourhood cat visited his garden.

He was my rock.

Tabitha - cat with high blood pressure


Tabitha was advertised in a Spalding newspaper for £25. The breeder opted to sell her because she was too timid to show her. It became apparent after visiting my vet that she had never been looked after. One major issue was diarrhoea after eating. Before a biopsy, I bumped into a La Perm owner who advised me to have her spayed – the breed has issues with their ‘lady bits’. After spaying, the diarrhoea stopped.

Today, Tabitha is 17, has hypertension, deafness and the onset of dementia. She has daily meds called Amodip. Tabitha and I were together during my domestic abuse relationship.

She also features in videos and articles.

Albert cat with pet dementia

Uncle Albert

Albert lived with me for 19 months before his death on 8th January 2017 from a sudden blood clot in his leg. Because his weight was too low, it was unsafe to operate.

He was found as a 16 year old stray at Hardwick in Kings Lynn and went to RSPCA West Norfolk where I volunteered as a cat cuddler. Albert had two pellets in him, but according to a vet, Albert had veterinary treatment. He had thyroid issues, and the shelter paid for his meds. When he developed dementia, I ordered and administered Aktivait, a brain supplement – the non-prescription medication that helped him to remember to eat.

Albert’s weight stayed around 2 – 3kg because of his thyroid and occasional ‘depression’ and loss of appetite, which lasted a week at a time.

Uncle Albert is featured in my articles.

Molly adopted cat aged 15


I was volunteering as a cat cuddler with a Norfolk branch of the RSPCA. An Inspector picked Molly up and was originally to live with them. Changing their mind, she went into the shelter. She was given 7 days for rehoming, then euthanasia.

I was honoured to meet Molly and offered her a home immediately. I asked the RSPCA to pay for her blood tests and microchip – I paid for her thyroid meds and pain relief for her severe arthritis. I learnt from Dr Jess, her original vet, that she would adopt Iris (as she was named) when the RSPCA booked her to be put to sleep.

Molly lived with me for five years until her death aged 20 in June 2019. Her little body began shutting down.

Molly appears in several articles.

Border collie puppy help


Bertie was a puppy when he arrived – born into a farm environment, and sold without training. Bertie appears in videos and articles focusing on the Border Collie breed. He enjoyed a fantastic lifestyle but it became apparent he was a one-parent pooch only, and now has a settled life and his own Instagram channel!

Follow Bertie on Instagram.

Romanian Rescue Dogs


Teddy passed away in November 2023 at the age of 10. Given his life was previously filled with brutality and harsh conditions in Romania, Teddy was the most docile, gentle and sweet dog I’ve ever met.

So many people wanted to meet this gentle giant wherever we went. He became well-known in his own hometown for his size, loveable character, and funny antics.

Watch Teddy’s walking & holiday videos on YouTube.

Read about Teddy’s journey to the UK.

worm composting

The Worm Gang

When I returned to the house after the Police told me it was safe following a domestic abuse incidence, I put The Worm Gang, snug inside the 3-tier Ferme Du Moutta, into my car along with my geriatric cat Tabitha, and left East Yorkshire permanently.

Today, the gang thrive and provide liquid plant feed that has proven to renew poorly plants with new life. My composting worms also produce adequate castings, another source of fertiliser.

Watch The Worm Gang videos on YouTube, and read about beginner worm composting on this website.

Watch: Starting a worm bin step by cost effectively.

Alternatively, if squeamish with worms, Bokashi composting may be preferable. Watch Bokashi Composting on YouTube.

Hoof care by a farrier prevents diseases for a donkey

Miranda & Emma

Both are Mother and daughter, and belonged to my sister and I in the 1970s. Miranda was black & white, and Emma was full black. Both were the sweetest. Unfortunately, we have mislaid the only photograph we have.

Miranda and Emma are mentioned in my donkey article.

Dachshunds can develop hereditary skin disorders


Penny is a 12 year old Dachshund who belongs to a family member. She is a pedigree and has the sweetest of nature. Penny had temporary paralysis from Intervertebral Disc Disease, and following a lengthy road, physio and care, she recovered.

Penny also has skin allergies and is prescribed medication and special shampoo. In March 2024, Penny developed Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome.

Penny appears in two articles about IVDD and allergies.


Sarah – Woofers Dog Groomers

Sarah, a former Covid nurse, appears in different videos with her rescue dogs.

Maisie tested Woof Fresh for her dental hygiene. Tess, joined by Midge, tested an orthopaedic bed. And with Woody, a fluffball pooch, four episodes of Day in the Life of a Dog groomer were published in March 2024. Watch them on YouTube.

Woofers Dog Groomers is based in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire

Watch: Maisie & Woof Fresh

Watch: Tess & an Orthopaedic Bed

Tuks Law

Dawn & Sue – Tuks Law

Hira -RSPCA Clough Road Hull rescue dogs for adoption

Poppy – RSPCA, Clough Road, Hull

dog lost and found UK website. lost stolen missing dogs uk.

Jayne – Founder of Dog Lost UK

Jayne told me her story of how Dog Lost UK began, which was published in my column in a Northern newspaper and an article on Poppy’s Pets website.

The charity has grown and is recognised by Police, Highway Agencies, Dog Wardens and other organisations.

Read the interview: Jayne the founder

Visit Dog Lost UK

Muddy Paws Crime - help to find a missing pet dog -Owner support for a missing pet

Lisa – Muddy Paws Crime

Grey Fern Park equestrian centre for showing, show jumping, dressage, livery, tack sale and events, near Peterborough

Grey Fern Park Equestrian Centre

how do I become a dog fosterer UK?

Olive, Press Officer – Oldies Club

Examples of dogs who have been through the exemption process

Jayne – Save Our Siezed Dogs