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Home Tester Club - free products to test

Whilst I still use cashback apps, I always seek out other ways to earn money or freebies, and this is my 2023 list. Of course, always be careful where you enrol and enter personal information. Martin Lewis’ website is a good starting point and he often recommends cashback apps and other ways to gain incentives.

As well as cashback apps, there have been other ways I have used to either cut costs or earn it, and I have included this information in another article. Plus I have compiled a list for pet food trials from £1 and different types of cat food subscription boxes.

1: Refer a Friend

Katkins human grade cat food subscription

The “Refer a Friend” program can provide you with cash credits to apply toward specific items. To illustrate, I registered Tabitha with Republic of Cats, Zooplus, KatKins, and Wiggly Wigglers for Green Living benefits.

Republic of Cats add £10 to my account each time someone signs up using my referral link. I’ve successfully claimed four months of wet cat food free by using the buildup of credit. The person you refer gets two weeks cat food for £2.50.

KatKins offer me 50% off my next order, and they receive 50% off their first order when signing up using my referral link. Without using my link, you receive 20% off 14 days food.

Green living is another love of mine, and Wiggly Wigglers gives you Green Points when you sign someone up. With these Green Points you can purchase goods – wildlife, Bokashi, worm composting etc. They receive £2.50 when they sign up using the referral link. If interested in worm composting or Bokashi composting turning food scraps into fertiliser, then follow me on YouTube.

Zooplus has a refer-a-friend scheme. Signing up with my referral link gives me 350 zooPoints, which means freebies! The person signing up gets a 10% off coupon. I buy from Zooplus and Pet Drugs Online because they offer fantastic prices for pet food.

Gousto isn’t about pet food but it may cost less than your weekly food shop. I find it suitable for a single person but doubt it would be adequate for couples with young families. At the moment, using my Gousto link gets you around 70% off plus 20% off the next two months. If you join, share your referral link and you receive £20 towards your next order.

2: Sign up for zooPoints and get free food with Zooplus

Free cat food from Zooplus

Certainly, this offer is applicable only if you’re a frequent customer of Zooplus. I purchase wet and dry food from them due to their competitive pricing compared to other online retailers and supermarkets. With Zooplus, you earn 1 zooPoint for every £1 spent. When you’re ready to redeem these zooPoints, you can browse through their catalogue and select your desired items. In my case, I’ve chosen three bags of dry biscuits and two bags of cat litter as my redemption items.

Watch my Video: Free Pet Products – take advantage if the opportunity is there.

Join Zooplus

3: Get free products to test from Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club - free products to test

You never know whether you’ll be selected to test products, but the opportunity exists. The more active you are on Home Tester Club, the better your chance is of being selected.

After opening an account, you must register your interest for a product and wait to see if you are chosen.

If selected to test a product, you must use it over two weeks, upload a photo, and review it on the Home Tester Club website and again on the retailer’s website.

Products I’ve received:

  • Garnier facial hyaluronic serum
  • Listerine – Nightly Reset
  • Hills Urinary Care C/D dry biscuits and wet food

The best bit is that after testing the products, you keep them for free!

Sign up to Home Tester Club

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4: Mystery shopping with Grassroots

Becoming a mystery shopper is good fun, but you need to be confident to ask questions and sometimes take photographs wherever your assignment is, all without letting it be known you are assessing the store and employees.

You register on the Grassroots website, and I recommend checking your account regularly to see if any assignments are available. You do receive an email notification, but often, the assignments are displayed on your account first. You can earn from £10, and assignments get snapped up quickly, so visit your account often.

I have been a mystery shopper in Curry’s and Premier Store. When my completed feedback form is accepted, I am paid through my bank account and the money contributes towards Tabitha’s medication.

Sign up to Grassroots Mystery Shopper.

5: Product testing with Huskaloo

sustainable cat litter

Huskaloo is about sustainability, namely cat litter using coconut fibre, the same product used for composting worm bedding. Huskaloo has the the Buddy Scheme. The agreement is that you are given a box of four coir bricks, and your cat tests it, and after two weeks, Huskaloo emails you a feedback form which you must complete. That’s all there is to it.

Watch the Video: Green Living – coconut fibre, odour-less cat litter

Visit Huskaloo

6: Product testing with KatKin

Recently (November 2023), I received an email from KatKin asking me to register for their in-home testing panel for single-cat households. All you do is take a quick survey. Katkin is based on a subscription service and its range includes real meat food, litter and cat treats.

You do have to register for the subscription food – this can be cancelled or paused anytime if money is tight. At the moment, they offer 20% off your first 14 days. You’ll have an account and are in complete control. The in-home testing panel is new and as yet, I cannot see where to join on my account, so at the moment, it might be an invite-only to those who hold a subscription but have paused it (like me).

Join KatKins

7: Pet insurance with freebies & rewards

I’m excited to tell you about Fluffy Pet Insurance as, unlike others I’ve come across, this company offers freebies, rewards to buy not only pet products but food for you. Now, you download the app – and guess what? You do not have to buy pet insurance to use it, but more about that later.

I do not have pet insurance for Tabitha, my cat. The reasoning is that she constantly had teeth issues later in life, and teeth are never covered by insurance. I wish I had continued because I could have claimed for initial hypertension and cystitis test costs. Fluffy Pet Insurance does offer up to £750 cover for teeth but accidental from an accident.

As well as free help for your pet, these are the things I like about Fluffy.

  • Reimbursed directly to you or your vet
  • Claiming is easier because you’ll be asked two questions, and then Fluffy will deal with your vet
  • Adding additional pets to your policy gives you a 10% discount
  • Small print is easier to understand
  • You do not need to buy insurance to use the Fluffy app, but with insurance, it’s free
  • The rewards. There are discounts on various goods and subscriptions from me on my website

Benefitting from the Fluffy app

Visiting the app store, search for FluffyPet Health & Behaviour.

If you buy insurance through Fluffy, the app’s contents are free—the freebies I have listed below are the training, vet help and rewards. If you do not want insurance, you can download the app and register with Fluffy, but it costs between £8 to £12. I believe in buying the insurance and benefiting from the freebies instead of paying monthly.

Free training and vet help for your pet

Here are perks you might be interested in when you buy insurance or pay for the app only:

  • Free Dog Training – you’ll have access to a library of over 100 training courses designed by experts
  • Free 24/7 Vet Helpline – chat with a veterinary professional or behaviourist wherever you are
  • Free 24/7 Pet Trainer – support is offered from trainers and behaviourists whenever needed
  • Free Personalised Growth Plan – a week-by-week growth plan suited to your puppy, which I feel is beneficial in the early stages of young dog’s life
  • Join the Fluffy pet community

Reward-based system

Fluffy has a reward point system which can be offset against prizes, treats and foods for your pet, plus perks for you including 25% off at Ocado.

– Up to 50% off outlet items at adidas
– Save up to 20% off with Amazon Vouchers
– 15% off dog sitting with BorrowMyDoggy
50% off your first two boxes at Butternut Box
– 25% off on your first purchase at Collar Club
– 35% off the first two boxes at Different Dog
– 30% off on pet shampoo at Furbabies Botanicals
– 20% off first order at Forthglade
60% off first box at Hellofresh
20% off orders at Lily’s Kitchen
– 20% off orders over £60 at MAC
Up to 70% off Xbox specials at Microsoft
– 20% off on your first purchase at Mr Bug
– £80 off at Naked Wines
– 20% off the first purchase at Natural Dog Treats
25% off grocery products over £60 at Ocado
– 22% off sitewide at PrettyLittleThing
– 20% off orders at Sweaty Betty
– 80% off on your first 2 boxes at Tails
– 15% off on healthy dog treats at T.Forrest
– Up 25% off selected items at Waitrose & Partners
– 30% off on your first 3 boxes at WufWuf
– 30% off orders at YuMOVE

As mentioned previously, my website has offers that you can access for free.

Get a quote from Fluffy. I’ll be getting a quote when they add La Perm breed to the list.


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