Grey Fern Park: Equestrian Competition Venue

Show jumping competition near Peterborough

Nestled in the North Cambridgeshire countryside, family-run Grey Fern Park has become a renowned equestrian centre attracting riders from around the UK. With its state-of-the-art facilities and welcoming atmosphere, Grey Fern Park offers a prime venue for riders to compete in Show Jumping, Dressage, and Showing disciplines. Competitors seeking a memorable and challenging experience are invited to enter upcoming competitions between April and October.

Grey Fern Park Equestrian Venue will appear in the Withernsea District & Community News in July

“Grey Fern Park welcomes any level of rider and horse at its first-class facility”.

Grey Fern Park

     Grey Fern Park, located in Eastrea, near Peterborough, has established itself as a premier equestrian destination since its inception. Offering outstanding facilities and amenities, this centre has become a magnet for riders seeking top-notch competition opportunities. It boasts a sprawling 40m x 80m all-weather arena, equipped with floodlights, and ensures optimal conditions for riders and their equine partners. Riders can access twelve show jumps, allowing customized course configurations. These exceptional facilities create an environment that encourages riders to push their limits and showcase their skills.

The equestrian centre is also a British Horse Society-approved livery yard:

  • Liveries can book the arena for private lessons in the 40m x 80m arena
  • 12′ x 12′ modern stables
  • All year turnout
  • 26 acres of grazing
  • Miles of off-road hacking
Grey Fern Park equestrian centre for showing, show jumping, dressage, livery, tack sale and events, near Peterborough
Source: Grey Fern Park

Disciplines: Showing, Show Jumping & Dressage

     The three disciplines offer a well-rounded showcase of rider and horse abilities, ensuring a captivating and diverse competition experience for all participants and spectators. A warm-up ring is available before competing.

Having visited Grey Fern Park in May, I found the staff friendly, approachable and upbeat, and the riders a chatty community. Jodie explained how they’d love more ‘newbies’ to join them this season or in the future. View the 2023 season.

Fillers provide challenges during show jumping
Filler at Grey Fern Park

Showing: In showing, riders present their horses or ponies to both a qualified in-hand judge, and a ridden judge to highlight conformation, how the horse looks and runs.   

Show jumping: Enthusiasts can tackle challenging courses with an exciting combination of fences and a variety of fillers depending on class level, and in turn, testing their accuracy and speed.

Dressage: Entrants can display their harmonious partnership with their equine partners through precise and intricate movements executed with grace and finesse. 

Grey Fern Park has an exceptional reputation.  The centre continues with its success of national entries from all around the UK. A shared passion among participants creates a sense of community, making each competition an event to remember and the opportunity to advance to a national level. It allows competing against riders of varying skill levels, and by accumulating points, riders attend the Grey Fern Park’s Awards Evening in December, of which two trophies will be presented.

Competing in showing, show jumping, dressage at Grey fern equestrian centre in Peterborough.
Show Jumping winner – May 2023

 Grey Fern Park invites you to register for upcoming competitions using Equo Events. Alternatively, showing and show jumping events can be entered on the day.

  • Showing: £11 pre-entry or £12 on the day
  • Show Jumping: £12 pre-entry or £14 on the day
  • Dressage: £14 pre-entry only

The centre has an equipped warm-up field for entrants to use before the event, with plans for a second field because of the growing popularity of the disciplines.

Event enquiries: 07703 290923

Clinics with external elite instructors

The venue offers clinics with professional external instructors. Ben Hobday is Great Britain’s top international eventer, and Stephen Pool is a qualified British dressage coach. Follow Grey Fern Park on Facebook for posts on various clinics throughout the year.

Book your Show Jumping Clinic with Bob Hobday on 17th July 2023

Book your Dressage session with Stephen Pool on 22nd June, 7th July, 15th July, 28th July 2023

Equine passports showing the latest vaccinations

It is legally required to carry a passport when travelling with your horse or pony, competing, or stabling.

The document will list all up-to-date vaccinations and must be shown before competing at Grey Fern Park Equestrian Centre. This policy is for the safety of your horse or pony, others, and the venue.

Up-to-date vaccinations protect other horses

The contents of a passport include:

  • Breed, colour and species
  • Lists every vaccination, including Strangles
  • Name of the registered owner

Free Parking for entrants at Grey Fern Park

Riders are invited to arrive with their horse on the day of events as the centre does not have quarantine facilities for overnight stabling. Free parking is available, providing enough room for lorries and trailers.

Dogs and spectators & parking

To find Grey Fern Park, you’ll see signage opposite the entrance along Coates Road. The grey entrance gate is closed for the safety of horses but opens easily; it is essential to close it after driving or walking in. To the left is a free car park and a short distance further on, the arena, log cabin tearoom, warm-up ring, stables, and booking office.

Dogs are welcome at Grey Fern Park Equestrian Centre
Dogs are welcome

Well-behaved dogs on leads are welcome during competition weekends but Grey Fern Park asks owners not to leave dogs in vehicles or lorries, and during intense heat, recommends dogs are left at home to prevent health issues.

Grey Fern Park would love to see more spectators at its events. The opportunity to watch events is free unless a specific clinic. For example, a charge of £5 for spectators is applicable at clinics with Bob Hobday so refer to Facebook and Equo Events for updates.

Seating runs alongside the area with a lawned area for visitors to lay out a blanket or camping chairs – we found it relaxing and peaceful with ample sight of the arena and competitors.

The Grey Fern Park Loyalty Scheme card

One thing I love is the idea of a loyalty card. Every class entered gets you a loyalty stamp and by completing the card with ten stamps, the rider is awarded a free class.

Refreshments in the log cabin

places to go for refreshments
Viewpoint of the warm-up field

Barbara runs the Grey Fern Park log cabin tearoom, with a selection of snacks and cold and hot drinks with the choice of sitting indoors or using its outdoor private terrace.

Barbara rund the tea room at grey fern park Coates

If you prefer to watch equestrian events or want to experience anything horse, pony or donkey-related, why not visit a Care Farm and experience donkey walking, feeding and grooming?

Watch the Video: Care Farm in Warwickshire and a Donkey Walking Experience

Get in touch with Grey Fern Park Equestrian Centre

Grey Fern Park attracts clients from all over the UK with its top-tier facilities, range of disciplines, annual award ceremony, livery, acres of grazing land and stables, and equine security. The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and welcoming, and in a quiet countryside location.

And the Tack Sale is back at the centre, starting on 2nd June 2023, the first Friday of every month.

You’ll meet Jodie at weekends; she can assist with more information about upcoming competitions.

livery year, near peterborough

Event enquiries: 07703 290923


Livery daytime: 07930 356308

Evenings: 01733 206679

Address: 117 Coates Road, Eastrea, Whittlesey, Peterborough, PE7 2BD


Key takeaways

  • Friendly venue
  • Free parking
  • External instructors are professionals
  • Competitions for varying skill levels
  • Monthly tack sale
  • Livery facilities
  • Active Facebook
  • Log cabin tearoom with private terrace

Related questions

Is Grey Fern Park a riding school?

Grey Fern Park is a livery and venue for competitive events between April and October. However, private lessons are available with external instructors as clinics.

Are clinics for one rider only?

Sometimes group bookings are available, generally up to four riders, depending on the external instructor.

Are there annual trophies for competing in events?

Riders accumulate points throughout the year in dressage and show jumping. In December, Grey Fern Park has an award ceremony with two trophies awarded.

I’ve heard there may be a country show at Grey Fern Park?

Grey Fern Park held its first Party at the Park for children and plans for more.

Yes, there are plans for a traditional country show in the future for visitors, including families, to watch. Each show will last for 30 to 45 minutes throughout the day.

  • Medieval Jousting
  • Shows
  • Country & western
  • Tractors
  • Vaulting with horse
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