What Type of Cat Litter is the Best?

natural coconut eco-friendly cat litter. litter that resembles soil

Awide range of cat litter is available, varying in price based on what you prefer and the type you choose. For instance, I was sent four blocks of natural coconut husks for Tabitha to try out. These are great because they can be added to compost after being used. Plus, I stumbled upon a new kind of litter that monitors your cat’s health and can signal any potential health issues.

Types of litter available

In this article, we shall look at the different types of litter below, the price, pros and cons and the opportunity of free litter.

  • Flushable
  • Compostable
  • Biodegradable
  • Made with food waste
  • Litter that can be burnt
  • Ideal for cats with arthritis
  • Health alerts
  • Calming litter
  • Paper, air & water litter
  • Your Cat Product Award Winner 2024 cat litter

Cats and litter

Cat parents know how particular their furry friends can be about their litter box. Joey, my cat, had a strong preference for Tesco’s red gravel litter and refused to toilet in anything else. It had fine particles, but the low-cost nature of it caused a red dust cloud whenever I scooped it into his tray, leaving everything covered in a dusty film. Joey also had a specific preference for his litter box to be placed far away from the other two trays I had because, back then, I was caring for some unwell cats.

Dirty litter trays can harm us

If you don’t clean out urine and poop regularly from the litter box, things can get stinky. If the tray isn’t cleaned often and filled with new litter, it can lead to the buildup of urine and poop, which creates ammonia fumes. Ammonia is toxic and can cause respiratory problems like coughing, phlegm, and issues with your bronchial tubes.

Some types of litter produce high dust levels when you scoop the content into the tray, which can be tough for people with asthma. If you have no other option but to use this kind of litter, wearing a face mask to protect yourself might be a good idea.

Can litter harm our cats?

Yes. The high dust levels can cause respiratory issues when constantly inhaled.

Are cheap litters worth it?

Every product has its upsides and downsides. Cheaper litter, like the Aldi 10-liter bags I get, is budget-friendly, but the price seems to be increasing steadily. Unfortunately, even though I’m careful when I transfer it to the litter tray, this gravel has a lot of dust. Tabitha, my cat, ends up tracking those particles all over the carpet, and her big fluffy fox tail catches those bits too. And, to top it off, these more affordable litters don’t always do a great job at controlling odours.

Tabitha is 17 years old and insists on using the Aldi litter, whereas she was flexible a couple of years ago. And, as a backup, she also uses puppy pads due to her dementia setting in.

Is it worth sprinkling a litter scent on the contents?

Natural cat litter scent from £1

Using deodorisers for a fresh litter scent is a great idea, but remember, they shouldn’t cover up a dirty tray’s smell. It’s best to empty, clean, and refill the contents.

There are ready-made scent powders available like the Bob Martin Stay Fresh that I’ve used before. It used to cost between £1.45 to £1.90 and could be found in stores like Poundland.

Another option is bicarbonate powder, a natural deodoriser that absorbs urine smells. It’s versatile; you can even sprinkle it on carpets to freshen them up, then vacuum it away.

If you’re interested, I’ve written an article called Eco Hacks in my Green Living category that you might find helpful.

What is health diagnosing cat litter?

Basically, the silica crystals change colour to indicate a cat without health issues listed below, or with health problems. I discovered KatKins as the sole UK company offering health-monitoring cat litter. There’s also Pretty Litter, which is from the US and can be found on Amazon. Both work similarly: their silica crystals change colour to signal a cat’s health status—either without any issues or if there are health problems present.

Scoop Health cat litter

litter that can Identify health problems
Source: KatKin

KatKin’s Scoop Health is a special cat litter designed to pick up on potential health problems through your cat’s urine. It’s made with silica crystals that react to changes in your cat’s urine pH, showing any abnormalities.

In fact, Scoop Health was designed by a vet.

This litter has five different colour indications, which I find fascinating and may order a bag for Tabitha to try. It can signal potential health issues early, giving a heads-up before things worsen. It’s crucial to consult a vet for a professional diagnosis and proper guidance if the silica crystals react to your cat’s urine.

Customers say the following:

  • Less smelly
  • Health indicating elements seem to work
  • Eye irritant and a cough caused by dust
  • Emptying the litter tray less often
  • Cats seem to like it
  • Recommends KatKin Tofu litter instead
  • Unsuitable for automatic litter trays

What are the colours of Scoop Health cat litter?

Real life urine shows a healthy cat using scoop health
Source: KatKin
Litter ColourLitter Diagnosis
YellowNormal urinary pH = a healthy cat
Olive GreenNormal urinary pH = a healthy cat
Orange**Indicates kidney disease or urinary crystals
Red**There is blood in your cat’s urine
Green**Indicates bladder stones
Greeny Blue**Indicates Urinary Tract infections
Information from KatKin

**When you see the highlighted red indicator above, contacting your vet is crucial. While a consultation fee might be involved, diagnosing your cat with potential illnesses is vital. It helps the veterinary professional either rule out any serious issues.

Watch the Video: KatKins show you how Scoop Health works

I’ll be sharing videos of two products. The first one is perfect if you prefer collecting urine at home, especially for cats feeling stressed. The second product is a helpful supplement endorsed by my independent vet to prevent cystitis.

Watch the Video: Collecting urine with KatKor is a simple, easy process.

KatKor or Catrine is available on Amazon, or from online pet stores – VioVet sells Catrine but carriage applies.

Watch the Video: Feliway Cystease stopped Tabitha’s cystitis

Feliway Cystease is available from the Feliway store on Amazon

Pros and cons of Scoop Health

Pros of Scoop HealthCons of Scoop Health
Early indication of health problemsExpensive for the bag size, and if used daily
Indicates kidney disease, bladder stones, UTI, crystals, underlying issuesBags are 2.7kg, so small for the cost
With early detection of health issues, it can reduce your vet bill dramatically Observation required in multi-cat households
Consideration of using weekly, fortnightly or monthly as health-monitoring litterSubscription, but can be paused or delayed
50% off your first orderNo option to buy as a one-off
Deliveries can be paused or cancelled
Registered with KatKin, you receive emails with perks

How much does Scoop Health cost?

  • £16 per 2.7kg bag
  • £64 for four bags
  • 50% off your first order
  • Pause or cancel subscription deliveries without penalties
  • Some cats need about 2.5cm – 3.5cm depth of litter, so factor this into the cost

While it’s not the most budget-friendly option, you can use it regularly—whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly—to keep an eye on your cat’s urine. In a household with multiple cats, being attentive to which feline used the litter tray is crucial. Keep in mind that, on average, a cat requires about 2.5cm to 3.5cm depth of litter.

When you sign up with KatKin, you can share your unique Refer-a-Friend link. This way, your friend gets a discount, and you receive a 50% discount on any future products.

Register using my Refer-a-Friend link and receive 50% off your order.

KatKin provides monthly cat food subscriptions too, which you can read more about in my article.

Visit KatKin for Scoop Health

Plant-derived, food waste, biodegradable litter

There are more eco-friendly cat litters available now for those aiming for a sustainable lifestyle. These litters can be included in your compost bins after taking out your cat’s poop. ItchPet’s Poo Litter is even burnable.

Remember, it’s important never to add cat or dog poop to your compost bin as it contains harmful bacteria. It becomes a health risk if mixed with garden compost, especially if used for growing food.

Scoop Planet cat litter

scoop planet is suitable for cats with arthritis
Source: KatKin

KatKin’s Scoop Planet is a 100% biodegradable cat litter made from surprising sources—food waste, namely pea shells and millet cereal. I haven’t purchased this product, but judging from the image, the small pieces seem ideal for a cat dealing with arthritis in its paw digits. Larger pellets or gravel might cause discomfort due to the pressure on their paws. Like other products, this brand claims to get rid of odours, be lightweight, and clump fast.

Pros of Scoop PlanetCons of Scoop Planet
Made with food wasteExpensive
100% biodegradableA monthly subscription that can be paused or cancelled
Small pellets – possibly suitable for cats with arthritisUnsuitable if allergies to pea or millet
Dust-free – ideal for cats and people with respiratory problemsA monthly subscription that can be paused or cancelled
Kinder on the planet
Monthly subscription that can be paused or cancelled
Clumps quickly
One month of litter for one cat

How much does Scoop Plant cost?

  • £18 per 4.5kg bag
  • £32 for 2 bags
  • 50% off your first order
  • Pause, delay or cancel the subscription

You may get invited to in-house product testing panels and Saver Plans, which you can read about in my article Freebies or Cash Incentives or watch the video below.

Watch the Video: Perks with KatKin

Watch the Video: See how Scoop Health works

Visit KatKins for Scoop Planet.

ItchPet Poo Litter

ItchPet Poo Litter offers a natural wood-based alternative for cat litter, perfect if you prefer wood over litter made from food waste. This litter is made entirely from recycled wood formed into pellets. ItchPet claims its product can soak up urine without leaving a bad smell, which is a great benefit.

When Tabitha tried a bag of wood pellets, the urine-soaked ones turned into a sawdust-like substance that was easy to scoop out. There was a slight urine scent but nothing unpleasant, and I reckon ItchPet Poo litter might be similar.

One great thing about it is the absence of dust, which makes it a good choice, especially for pets and people with respiratory issues. ItchPet claims it’s gentle on the paws, but that might depend on the pellet size—if they’re larger pellets, it may be painful for older cats with arthritis.

I love the fact that it can be burnt too. It is compostable after removing poop.

Pros of ItchPet Poo LitterCons of ItchPet Poo Litter
Made from natural woodConsider pellet size if your feline has arthritis in its digits
Compostable after faeces are removedExpensive compared to cheaper dusty gravel litter
No lower price with a subscriptionOne-off purchases and subscriptions are the same price
Ideal for asthma sufferers as no dust
No respiratory issues for your cat as no dust
Less smelly than gravel
Compostable and can be burnt
ItchPet say your cat won’t tread pellets out of the bin
Free vet help
One-off purchase or subscription

How much does ItchPet Poo litter cost?

  • 15ltr for £14.99 bag
  • One-off or subscription is the same price
  • Subscriptions can be paused, delayed or cancelled
  • With a subscription, free access to a vet 24/7

Visit ItchPet for Poo Litter

Huskaloo coconut cat litter

Coconut husk

Huskaloo looks a lot like outdoor soil but is a coconut industry by-product. The coconut husks are dehydrated and compressed into bricks, and are simple to prepare for your cat’s litter tray—just add water. At first, I was unsure about it, but I can confidently say the contents dry out fast. I demonstrate this process in the video below so you can see it for yourself.

Watch the Video: Setting up your planet-saving coconut husk cat litter

What’s great about Huskaloo is how space-efficient it is, and the bricks are incredibly lightweight. There’s no need to lug around heavy bags of litter, deal with gravel spilling on the floor while scooping, or worry about your cat tracking it out of the litter bin. Plus, for cats with arthritis in their paws, the softness of the litter is a real benefit. Huskaloo’s coir husk litter is suitable for kittens because it is soft against delicate paw pads. If considering adopting a kitten, there are considerations to ponder first and my article highlights these points.

When you see the prepared litter, it almost resembles soil, especially considering the colour. It’s eco-friendly too; if your cat doesn’t take to it, you can use the bricks in your worm compost bin. If you’re curious, I’ve written an article on starting a worm composting bin, or you can check out my videos on YouTube for more details.

Pros of Huskaloo cat litterCons of Huskaloo cat litter
Lightweight & space-savingYou might not want to leave the same contents in the litter tray for one week
Easy set up as shown in my videoReviews are positive and negative
8 bricks = 2 months for 1 cat
Easy set up, as shown in my video
Compostable & low carbon footprint
Longer lasting – 1 brick lasts 1 week
10 times more absorbent

How much does Huskaloo cost?

  • £11.99 per 4 bricks
  • £17.99 per 8 bricks
  • Option of free bricks – more information in my video

Watch the Video: Try Huskaloo for free

Buy 8 bricks of Huskaloo from Amazon, but it’s more expensive

Buy from Huskaloo or garden centres (stockists are listed on the website)

Breeder Celect cat litter – Your Cat winner

Breeder Celect snagged the Your Cat Product Award in 2024 for being the top cat litter choice. It’s crafted from 99% recycled paper and transforms into an eco-friendly litter when combined with air and water. Plus, it’s completely free from chemicals. I’m planning to get a bag myself, and I’m pleased that you can purchase a small bag to test it out before committing to a larger quantity.

Customers say the following:

1: Love the texture

2: No dust

3: No odour control

4: Very good odour control

5: Preferred because recyclable

6: Not cheap but does the job

7: Tracks out of the litter tray

8: Not worth the money

Breeder Celect is suitable for rabbits.

Pros of Breeder CelectCons of Breeder Celect
Your Cat Winner 2024Although low dust, asthma suffers or cats with respiratory issues must consider health first
Low dust
Soft on paws, making it easy for cats with arthritis
Ideal for rabbits
Soft on paws, making it easy for cats with arthritis
Kitten litter available specifically for training

How much is Breeder Celect?

  • £5.68 for 10ltr
  • £10.36 for 20ltr
  • £14.24 to 14.99 for 30ltr

Read more about Breeder Celect on their website.

Buy a 30-litre bag for £14.99 or 2 bags for £28.99 of Breeder Celect from Zooplus

Buy all sizes of cat litter from VioVet

Flushable cat litter

I’m sceptical about brands claiming their litter can be flushed down the toilet due to the risk of causing blockages. It’s important to check with your local waste disposal first, but they might advise against it if they’re unfamiliar with flushable litter.

Greenwoods ‘A little bit of this’ plant-derived cat litter

Greenwoods offers ‘A Litter Bit of This,’ a clumping litter made from plant fibres, making it both biodegradable and compostable. While it’s low in dust, it’s essential to consider for anyone with respiratory issues. Like other brands, it boasts of locking in odours.

Interestingly, Greenwoods claims their clumping litter can be flushed down the toilet. The litter’s appearance reminds me of dried lentil sections, and its small pieces might make flushing easier.

Procedure for flushing down the toilet:

1: Check with your local authority first

2: Before putting the litter down the toilet, crush it to break it down further to make flushing away easier

3: Soak individual clumps before placing a clump in the toilet

4: Only place one clump at a time in the toilet

5: Ensure the clump has flushed away before adding more clumps

Customers say the following:

1: Not absorbing or clumping

2: Economical

3: It clumps

4: Stops bad odours

6: Tracks outside the litter tray

7: Flushes down the loo easily

8: The clumps break up

9: Contains wheat so an allergy alert for cats

Pros of GreenwoodsCons of Greenwoods
Biodegradable and made with compostable plant fibreToo much work is involved to flush away
Low dustToo much work involved to flush away
Claims to be flushableLow dust may still cause respiratory issues for cats or humans

How much is Greenwood cat litter?

  • 8ltr is £7.59
  • 30ltr is £24.99
  • 2 bags of 30ltr is £47.99
  • Save 5% on repeat orders if directly from Zooplus

Buy any size of Greenwood from Zooplus

Calming cat litter

There’s a wide array of cat litter options out there, and Biokat has come up with a litter designed to soothe cats with its inviting scent. Yet, how effective it is might vary for each cat. Sometimes, when a cat is unwell, like having cystitis, they might link the litter tray with discomfort. In such cases, calming litters might not resolve this association while the cat is in pain. However, in different situations, they could be beneficial.

Biokat calming cat litter

Biokat’s Diamond Care Vet Line offers calming litter perfect for kittens getting used to the litter box. It could also be great for anxious cats who might have had a rough time with the litter box.

This litter has natural active carbon from coconut shells, which is excellent at trapping unpleasant odours. However, it’s essential to note that it’s made entirely from Bentonite, a natural clay that could be toxic if a cat ingests it. Curious kittens may do so. But it’s safe if they lick the residue off their paws.

Customers say the following:

1: Quite a few customers report it stops senior and a male cat urinating outside the litter tray

2: Does create tracking but a customer uses a bobbly bath mat to capture litter walked outside the tray

3: Effective calming cats

4: More dust than it states

5: Expensive but no bad smells and lasts ages

6: Cats going through abnormal urinating benefit

7: 5 star reviews

Pros of BiokatCons of Biokat
No dust so ideal for cats or humans with respiratory problemsBiokat is toxic if a cat consumes the litter and could be a problem with inquisitive kittens
Calming scent No dust, so ideal for cats or humans with respiratory problems
Bentonite is toxic if consumed

How much is Biokat’s Diamond Care Vet Line?

  • 10ltr bag for £11.29
  • 2 bags of 10ltr for £21.19

Buy any size Biokat from Zooplus. They make litter suitable for cats with sensitivities too.

Related questions

Why does cat litter get sticky?

I’ve had my fair share of struggles with cat litter that gets sticky, and sticks to the bottom of the litter tray and is difficult to remove. I’ve tried using liners, newspaper, or puppy pads to line the tray to make cleaning easier. However, some cats catch their claws in the liners and rip them. While clumping litter forms hard lumps when it gets wet, it becomes a sticky mess if it’s peed on again.

How can I get a stray cat to use a litter tray?

A stray cat usually prefers going to the bathroom outside, unless it was previously an indoor cat and might remember using a litter tray. To help an outdoor cat transition, mix some garden soil with the litter.

How do I get my cat to use new litter?

Certain cats can be really particular and might never warm to a new litter. On the other hand, some cats, despite being accustomed to various litters, might suddenly stick to one specific type. For instance, my cat Tabitha used to be fine with wood pellets, but now she’ll only use Aldi’s affordable litter. Sadly, it’s quite dusty and sticks to everything.

Watch my Video: Cat litter tray transition using Huskaloo, gravel and wood pellet litters

Key Takeaways:

  • High dust litter can affect people and cats with respiratory problems
  • 100% Bentonite can be toxic to cats if consumed
  • Before flushing litter down a toilet, check with your local authority first
  • Biodegradable litter can be used in the compost instead of landfill
  • Un-used Huskaloo can be used as bedding for composting worms – read more about starting worm composting with food scraps


The reason I write and make YouTube videos is to help you and your pets from my experiences, and to take you through a journey of Green Living from worm composting and bokashi.

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