ADT: Monitored Pet-Friendly Home Security Package

ADT pet friendly home security alarm system

It is concerning and true that organised crime groups are targetting family pets to sell throughout the U.K. Small-time criminals and opportunists, cashing in on profit made from pet sales, is increasing. Home Security packages can be expensive, so what does ADT offer in their pet-friendly security package?

“..burglary increases by 15% in October and November** with around 60% of burglaries happening between the hours of 6pm and 6am.” **stats from Aviva burglarly report


Dummy security bell boxes and CCTV with in-built flashing red LED lights can deter some burglars, but fake security brands are probably becoming well-known to them too. Displaying an exterior bell box famous for its home security, combined with the advancement of home security, will put off thieves. ADT’s yellow bell box is recognised as a trusted brand and experienced as a home security company. The company has been in existence since 1874.

Qualified ADT engineers fit your selected alarm system. In respect of purchasing a monitored Pet-Friendly Smart Alarm, the package includes the following:

  • Bespoke package
  • ADT Bell box with flashing red LED light
  • Touch screen alarm panel with integrated keypad and deterrent siren
  • ADT Smart Services integration allows you to control the alarm through your phone, tablet or PC via the ADT app
  • 1 x Wi-Fi camera to watch pets using the app
  • 1 x Wireless door sensor
  • 2 x Wireless contact shock sensors
  • Shock sensors are a pet-friendly alternative to motion sensors and are placed on doors and windows. It keeps a potential burglar out and allows your pet freedom to move about inside their home
  • Professionally installed
  • Monitored 27/7 and 365 days of the year by the ADT alarm centre
  • A triggered alarm is responded to
  • All-inclusive service and maintenance package
  • The option to purchase add-ons

The package may cost more than buying a cheaper version with DIY installation or dummy home security which organized criminals probably recognise. ADT’s eye-catching deterrent, and monitored system, can offer peace of mind that your pets will be safe instead of stolen by scrupulous individuals. The alarm panel hub is bank-level encrypted, so your private data is secure.

ADT has a home security system that offers pet theft preventive measures.

What does a bespoke package mean?

It is not an off-the-shelf home security pack that you need to install with endless cabling or set up yourself. ADT allows a tailored system that suits your needs, which will be discussed with an experienced staff member. Be honest, and explain what you want with a security system. For example, to deter pet theft.

Where is the ADT bell box fitted?

The bell box is fitted to an external wall of your home and has a flashing red LED light. The visual brand will be well-known to burglars and organised crime members and deter the majority. ADT admit that some may still try to enter your home, but other devices will trigger, keeping you and your pets safe.

That alert is sent to the Alarm Monitoring Centre. Now, ADT will call you and any keyholder. They will call the police or your private security guard. However, it does depend on your cover.

How can I keep control of the ADT Smart Services app?

The app is suitable for Apple iPhones IOS 10.X or higher or an Android mobile 4.4 or higher. Visit your Apple Store or Google Play to download.

When away from home, you can visually check on your home and pets via the Indoor Wi-Fi camera.

Do alarm systems detect pets?

Yes and no.

ADT motion sensors are pet-friendly and can be set to ignore ground-level movement. However, our pets never stay on the floor, do they? Cats jump onto a windowsill, furniture, or kitchen worktop so think about the type and location of motion sensors before you buy. Dogs jump on the bed or sofa. Cats too. Large dogs may set off a sensor. And pets must remain a certain distance from a motion sensor, so raise all questions with your ADT representative to ensure the package is right for you and your pets.

Tips to stop pets from triggering a house alarm:

1: Turn the motion sensor upside down

2: Choose a sensor that filters by weight

3: Lower your camera sensitivity

4: Put motions sensors above waist height

5: Select a package you can control remotely from the app

**Information is taken from Ackerman Security. Please consult with ADT regarding the above tips.

I want my package to include motion sensors, but I have pets

Therefore, you have two options.

1: Use shock sensors in the room you keep your pets and motion sensors in the rest of the house. The downside is you are limiting your pet’s freedom in the home, which could result in unhappy, destructive pets if suddenly rooms were restricted. Cats and dogs are also known to open doors.

2: The other option is to include the motion sensors and take a chance. It may be suitable if you have an older pet who keeps on ground level.

How beneficial will the Indoor Wi-Fi Camera be?

The camera can be placed anywhere in your home. If you have a cat that climbs, make sure you put it where it cannot be knocked off a shelf or obscured if your cat moves an object in front of it.

Use in conjunction with the ADT Smart Services app.

Pros of the camera:

  • The video is of excellent quality, offering clear footage day and night.
  • You will receive instant alerts when any motion is detected. This will pick up pet movement too.
  • Via the app, you can access real-time footage when you are not home
  • 113-degree view of a room

Pet owners often post funny videos of their pets’ home alone on social media, so maybe these come from security devices, so consider Furbo UK, as it takes selfies! The Furbo UK has saved the lives of 29,852 dogs (January 2023) – for example, from intruders, carbon monoxide poisoning and fires. It is only designed for dogs. Images of intruders have been handed to the police and have led to arrests.

What is the alarm panel?

ADT Smart Home Hub is a screen similar to your energy display unit and displays relevant information connected to security. The alarm panel can be plugged in anywhere around the house. You will use the alarm panel to enable and disable the alarm, so you must plug into a socket nearest the door you use to access your home.

The hub allows you to access home security as an alternative to using your phone.

Protected with encryption means your personal data and passwords cannot be accessed, and your security system cannot be disabled. This is very reassuring.

The package isn’t enough to keep my pets safe at home

The good news is you can purchase additional items. You can place your indoor camera anywhere in your home, but I appreciate you may want extra cameras for other rooms. The same applies to window and door shock sensors. These points can be discussed with an ADT representative, who can advise.

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Today we can make silent contact with friends and family living far away or show off something we have bought, upcycled or refurbished. It is easy to forget that the world may see us within our homes and that we may have accidentally posted a photograph with something of value in the background, including certain personal information, that could bring members of organised crime or opportunists to your door.

Social Media must do’s:

  • Don’t advertise the contents of your home, wardrobe, puppies, pedigree cat, unneutered pets
  • Switch off your exact location
  • Do not tag yourself at home or show exterior images of your property or car
  • Never use ‘check-in’ when away or post pictures, even on a day trip. You are telling people your home is empty
  • Your local burglar may be watching – never accept a Friends Request from people you do not know
  • Change your profile to private
  • Create Closed Groups to share things with family members

Social media includes Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Why not click on your Facebook’s View As, which will reveal what a potential burglar will see posted on your profile?

ADT offers other packages for your home


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