Quick Read: The Microchip Company That Doesn’t Charge

microchip database that does not charge to update details and free missing pet service

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Did you know?

“The service, called UK Pet Chip Registry, claims that for a charge of £15, it will add the pet’s microchip details to the so-called National Pet Microchip Registration Database. The database quoted does not meet UK Government standards and, as such, is not on the list of government-endorsed pet databases.”

Trading Standard UK – unauthorised microchip company
  1. Microchip databases can charge up to £20 to join, update your contact details, and activate a lost pet service 
  2. Your chip database must be DEFRA-Approved 
  3. An unauthorised microchip company means it isn’t on the DEFRA-Approved list
  4. Owners must register their pets and contact the chip database
  5. An unregistered microchip means the chip is not assigned any owner contact details 
  6. If you do not register the microchip or update contact details, it reduces the chance of being reunited if found
  7. Unclaimed pets are transferred to rescues and rehomed after 7 days
  8. Occasionally authorities may euthanise your pet if there isn’t a supporting charity

Pet Database is a new DEFRA-Approved microchip database supported by Dog Lost UK.

Teddy and Tabitha, and my missing cat Sam, were transferred to Pet Database, and I haven’t paid anything.

What does a free microchip service include?

  • Join for free
  • Unlimited contact detail updates
  • Lost Pet Service
  • Sharing on social media
  • Notification when a professional scans the microchip
  • Notifies dog warden and vets

Who are the DEFRA-Approved microchip companies?

“You can be fined up to £500 if your dog is registered on a database that is not on the list.” 

Animal MicrochipsAnimal TrackerChipworksIdentibaseMicroChipCentral
MicroDogIDMy Animal TraceMy PetNational Veterinary Data Service
Pet DatabasePet Identity UKPetlogPetScannerProtectedPet
SmartTraceTrack Your PawsUK PETtrac MicroChip DatabaseWe Trace Pets
data from gov.uk

The law states that all dogs must have a microchip (2015) and cats (2023). 

If unsure of which microchip company the chip is registered or unregistered with, then type the number into Check-a-Chip and it’ll tell which company it is associated with.

What is the microchip?

A professional implanter will insert an electronic chip beneath your pet’s skin at the back of the neck. The chip will contain a unique number visible when a scanner reads it.  The chip is stored in a database and must have your current contact details to reunite your pet. 

Battersea Microchipping Report 2021:

“63% of stray dogs records are out of date.”  

Register or transfer your pet’s microchip data to Pet Database and benefit from its services. The company will liaise with your provider if there is a transfer and check for anomalies. All you do is authorise the transfer of data to Pet Database. Help is available by telephone too.   

The Smart tag is an optional extra

The Smart Tag is a modern ID tag which attaches to the collar. Your information is in a QR code with a unique 6-letter sequence.  Scan the QR code with your SmartPhone camera to get the authorised contact details of a found pet. Pet owners receive scan alerts by text or email, and it’s logged on to your account.  Alternatively, the finder can call Pet Database and give the unique code. 

Join Pet Database

It is easy to transfer to PetDatabase, including current missing pets. My article explains everything in more depth.

Tel: 0330 818 8558

Whatsapp: 07700 158188

Join: petdatabase.com

Article published in Withernsea District & Community News – August 2022

Updated April 2024

Poppy’s Pets had a column in an East Yorkshire newspaper until it’s closure in 2023.


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