Quick Read: Need Extra Cash for Your Pets?

2022 - pets being given up because of cost of living increase

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We all need to find ways to earn cash to buy essentials like pet food, pet supplies and veterinary emergency, or offset these costs against energy or other emergencies. We’ve all been plunged into uncertainty because of the escalating cost of living and it’s continuing through 2023.  Households, animal rescues, and other charities could try earning cashback by scanning receipts from everyday shopping.  

It would help if you had a Smartphone to download apps from Google Play (Android users) and Apple Store (iPhone users), then search for free cashback apps and download them to your device.  These companies are doing market research and for your participation, you are rewarded with cash or vouchers in exchange relating to your shopping experiences. For example, I upload receipts from Aldi, Tescos, Veterinaries, tearooms, Factory Shop, Poundstretcher, and online purchases.

Suggested apps but there are more available:

  • **Shoppix
  • HuYu (closed)
  • **Amazon Shopper Panel  
  • Snap My Eats

***Updated June 2023 – currently not taking new customers but I suggest you register to receive a notification when telling you if accepted

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The process of using a cashback app:

All you do is scan receipts and upload, or email receipts from online purchases. Shoppix gives more tokens if uploaded on the day of the purchase. Amazon asks for ten receipts and earns you £5 every month. Surveys and scratchcards earn more points, tokens or cash.

Amazon rewards can be used to make Amazon purchases, and Shoppix can be transferred to PayPal or your bank account.

I have earnt around £100 with Amazon and have already transferred £20 from Shoppix.

Article published in the Withernsea District & Community News

Poppy’s Pets has a column in an East Yorkshire newspaper


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