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My article in the Withernsea & District Community News distributed to homes in East Yorkshire

Poppy’s Pets

Pet food is increasing in price as much as our food. 

Discover affordable trial options from various pet food suppliers, starting at just 87p, allowing your furry friend the opportunity to test delicious meals, and for you to assess their preferences before committing. With the freedom to delay, cancel, or continue your subscription, you’re in control. Plus, home delivery is hassle-free, eliminating the need to lug heavy bags of food from the supermarket. Simply provide your details, payment information, and a bit about your pet to get started.

Who are the companies with trial offers?

Katkins cat food subscription


1: Republic of Cats’ Taster Box combines dry kibble and 85g cans of wet food, all flavours of your choice.  The food is suitable for adult cats and gives 15 days of food. You can cancel or pause deliveries without penalties.

You pay between £4.99 but in Spring 2024, Republic of Cats are offering a FREE Taster Box using my Referral Link.

Watch the #Short: Free Taster Box

Watch the Video: What’s in The Taster Box … contents may vary

Watch the Video: How to get FREE cat food – (2024) I’ve nearly earned enough to get my 6th box of 30 cans free.

Visit: Republic of Cats

Updated 25 April 2024

2: Blink offers a trial box for £1. The food consists of no grain, added sugar, cereal, or animal derivatives and is suitable for all ages.

Visit: blinkcats.co.uk

3: KatKin sells fresh food to store in your fridge or freezer. I paid £14 for several large pouches, which were big enough for two meals but the menu has changed. KatKins tried a new menu with original food available until around November 2023 but you had to request it on your account manually.

The first batch of new recipes were both liked and disliked. Following feedback from a selected panel (Poppy’s Pets included!), the recipe is changing again (Spring 2024).

At the moment the offer is 20% off your first 14 days but like all companies, offers are changeable.

The fresh food is suitable for all ages and does not contain grains or unhealthy fillers. KatKins also helps rescue centres.

Watch the Video: See what’s in the trial box … original recipe

Watch the Video: Perks with KatKin … new menu (2024 video)

Visit: get.katkin.com

Updated 25 April 2024

4: The Cool Cat Club gives you a week’s food for £5 and is suitable for all ages. Their recipes are grain-free and do not contain added sugar. This company donate food directly to rescue centres too.

Visit: thecoolcatclub.com

Price checked 25 April 2024

5: Untamed supplies human-grade food that may benefit pets with allergies. The trial offer costs £8 for twelve cans and is suitable for all ages. Recipes do not contain animal derivatives, sugars, grains or vegetable proteins.

Visit: untamedcatfood.com

Price check 25 April 2024

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1: Kasper & Kitty offers a two week free trial of dry kibble. Previously they charged £2 for delivery but now it is free. Their blends suit dogs needing a hypoallergenic diet and include no cereal and grain-free options.

Visit: kasperandkitty.com

Updated 25 April 2024

2: Bounce & Bella gives you 23 dry kibble samples costing 87p for a 100g bag. The only difference is the postage has increased by £1 so now £3.99 for postage. Suitable for all ages and are grain-free recipes.

Visit: bounceandbella.co.uk

Updated 25 April 2024

3: Fish4Dogs offers trial packs for all ages and for cats too. The kibble size comes in small or large. The company also offers a subscription and save

Dogs –

  • Fish trial box £7
  • Puppy sample pack £10
  • Adult sample pack £10

Cats –

  • 20g fish samples 50p each
  • Goody box £7

Visit: fish4dogs.com

Price check 25 April 2024

4: Pure Pet Food is another subscription service offering a tailored plan for your dog from 89p daily. Unlike other subscription plans, Pure includes sensitive and renal dog food.

Instead of trial samples, Pure’s current offer is 30% offers your first box and 10% off your second which is automatically applied at checkout. The offer ends in April 2025. If you visit Pure Pet Food without using my link below, you’ll get 25% off your first order followed by 10% off your second order (offer correct 26 April 2025). To cancel any subscription, it’s a phone call rather than doing so using your account, but it is a flexible plan and isn’t a contract.

Your subscription includes perks too:

  • Entered into a monthly draw for free dog food
  • Surprise gifts
  • Expert advice

Visit: Pure Pet Food

Added 26 April 2024

Article published in the Withernsea & District News – October 2022

Updated April 2024

Poppy’s Pets had a column in an East Yorkshire newspaper before its closure from running costs.


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