Metal Cat Scarers: Are Cheap Pest Deterrents Better than Expensive Ones?

Stalking mental cat deterrent

Finding ways to keep cats out of the garden, home, or allotment can be challenging. Many homeowners ask whether cheap deterrents are better than expensive ones. In this article, we look at a set of low-cost metal cat scarers that promise to keep unwanted visitors from your garden, but do they live up to expectations?

Before purchasing the metal cat scarers, I was sceptical, and when the product arrived, I could not visualise its ability to scare a cat off. Prowling my garden at night, it was obvious the metal cat scarers were lost in the darkness -the promised glass eyes reflecting did not. Shining a torch onto the eyes didn’t even light up the glass eyes. Reviewing feedback online, I discovered other buyers found similar results.

TIP: The metal cat scarers can be put to a different use, making them quite cost-effective! For the purpose of scaring off cats, the set is expensive because it fails to do the job advertised for.

Things I’m happy withThe annoying bits
Easy to assembleEyes do not reflect at night or day
Hook to hangCats ignore once realising no reaction
Ground stakeDoes not scare cats
WeatherproofWast of money
Harmless to cats (chemical-free)eBay drop shipping is a nightmare if problems with the product – avoid
Cats will initially watch the lifelike cat

What does a set of Metal Cat Scarers consist of?

The product is easy to assemble. The screwdriver shown above cost £1.29 from Poundstretcher. The pack comes with everything you need:

  • Three lifelike cats
  • Three stakes to place each scarer into the ground
  • Screws and washers to secure the stake to the cat
  • Three hooks to hang from a height

Watch the Video: Cat Repellent: Watch Before You Buy: Metal Cat Scarers to Deter Cats from Garden, Allotment

Available from Amazon.

Watch the Video: Cat Repellent: PestBye Wall / Ground Deterrent for Cats, Dogs, Rodents, Foxes – Pros & Cons?

Do the Metal Cat Scarers work as a deterrent?

“Absolute rubbish”

Response from a buyer

My purchase was to stop a cat from fouling in the front garden, especially as the feline used the same spot to toilet. It stank. When the visiting cat noticed one of the metal deterrents, he paused and watched it, and when the fake cat did not react, the real cat walked up to the fake cat and urinated over it.

The body shape of a cat and reflective eyes are meant to frighten away felines. The eyes are quite bold and green, but invisible at night, even when shining light at the glass eyes.

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Are the Metal Cat Scarers legal?

Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, it is an offence to cause an animal suffering. The metal care scarers are entirely harmless. They are motionless ornaments positioned in a pre-selected place in your garden.

What else can you use the Metal Cat Scarers for

Cat scarer designed to frighten offfeline visitors
The cat scarers are fantastic garden ornaments

My advice is: do not buy the metal cat scarers as a deterrent. Read reviews first and make your own decision but do not waste your money. Instead, why not buy as a feature in the garden? Ornaments explicitly designed for the garden can be costly, so this product presents a much cheaper alternative. I have had mine in the garden for two Summers and one Winter, and they have withstood the elements so far.

Update April 2023: The Metal Cat Scarers continue to withstand the weather apart from a slight rusting.

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How to stop cats from using my garden as a toilet?

Fill a watering can with hot water and add a scoop of biological washing powder. Leave to dissolve then pour onto the area where the cat toilet is. Repeat for several days – eventually, a visiting cat will be unable to detect the scent of pee and poo.

The same application can be used if a cat urinates on carpets. Test the carpet first. Use a combination of water and biological washing powder mixed in a bowl and using a floor brush, scrub at the affected area twice daily for a week.

What smell will repel cats?

From personal experience, cats will not walk past lavender, which is a beautifully scented cottage garden plant. Other plants and herbs you could try are:

  • Rosemary (this never stopped my visiting cat)
  • Lemon thyme
  • Pennyroyal
  • Rue
  • Coleus Canina (also known as a scaredy cat plant)

Key takeaways

  • Useless as a deterrent
  • Glass eyes do not reflect unless you shine a torch on them
  • Does not frighten cats
  • Fantastic price as a garden ornament

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