Pestbye Cat Deterrent for the Wall or Fence

Pestbye have a motion sensor

It is difficult to know whether to spend money on a product with a higher price tag or take the chance and purchase a cheaper product. The worry is: will it work and deter pests in your garden? What if it does not work? Do you buy a low-cost repeller instead? For example, I made the mistake of buying metal cat scarers because they were cheap. The result was: ineffective. So I opted for two PestBye Ultrasonic deterrents to stop cats from visiting my garden, defecating, and killing baby birds I fed.

Finding the right product to work as a deterrent against unwanted guests in your garden can be difficult because there are points to consider.

Questions you might ask:

  • Is the ultrasonic device unsuitable if I have cats that roam my garden?
  • Will the deterrent harm birds?
  • Will the ultrasonic noise deter all cats?
  • Can the device be attached to a wall, tree or fence, or is it ground only?

If you have cats, consider their age and agility. For example, Molly was 21, spent limited time outdoors, and relaxed on the patio so the PestBye could be positioned in a different part of the garden.

Tabitha was 15 then and unable to climb, but she did walk around the garden. Therefore a ground-level deterrent was unsuitable because it would have scared her.

However, as neither climbed, but visiting cats did, a battery-operated deterrent attached to the wall was the obvious choice. The PestBye was the only deterrent with a section to attach to the wall.

Points that I likeThings I hadn’t thought of
Keyloop to attach off-ground levelAny movement can set it off and deplete the batteries (movement of trees, shrubs, plants, people)
You can adjust the frequency rangeChildren can hear the high-pitched sonic sound
WeatherproofYou need more than one device for large gardens
Safe & humaneIt needs an unobstructed area of 369 sq feet to activate
It does not affect birdsSome cats may not react
110-degree arcYou may need a man to attach to the wall!
32 foot / 10 metre detectionPassing dogs may hear it
Water does not get inside (do not lay battery side down in the grass)

Shopping list:

What are the sensor settings for the Pestbye deterrent?

Sensor settings depend on an animal’s hearing range. Therefore, the buyer would choose to lower or increase the sensor settings. Because a visiting cat walked past the device set at 3 to 5, I turned it up to 11. So far, I have not seen him.

  • Cats  3 – 5
  • Dogs 3 – 4 
  • Foxes 3 – 6
  • Squirrels 2 – 7
  • Rodents 2 – 7
  • Roaches 9 – 11
  • Insects 2 – 7

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How does the PestBye Ultrasonic stop cats?

PestBye Ultra Sonic deterrent
The motion sensor is activated.

The device comes with a motion sensor, so when triggered, it will emit a sound we cannot hear. You set the sensor level to which pest you want to stop accessing. When they hear the sound, it frightens them off and stop them from returning.

The left dial is for the sensor, and the right-hand dial is for the frequency.

Watch the Video: Pros & Cons of the PestBye UltraSonic Deterrent

Do ultrasonic repellents work?

I will say yes, but it depends on the cat, and I haven’t tried its effectiveness with other animals. However, I will admit that you will always get one cat who defies it.

The sensor setting to repel a cat is 3 to 4. It stopped a grey cat from visiting my garden and spraying when he tripped the motion sensor, but the black and white still visited. So I had to increase the setting to its maximum of 11. So far, so good. I think you have to be watchful and use your judgement. Like everything you buy, it is a risk. Pestbye has a 5-star rating. Before I bought the Pestbye Ultrasonic Deterrents, I purchased metal car scarers as cheaper, and as they were useless, I bought Pestbye sensors. So I spent more money. Don’t make the same mistake.

We moved in October 2022, and a cat used the garden as a toilet. I used one repeller, and the cat stopped but moved to the opposite side of the garden and toileted ( the garden sweeps around a corner). So I moved the repeller, and it worked.

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The product is advertised as a cat deterrent.

Yes, the Pestbye range online seems to be advertised as a cat deterrent, but inside the pack, it says it lists other unwanted guests too.

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How can I install it high up if I cannot use a drill/screwdriver?

PestBye Cat Deterrent

I am rubbish at DIY, using a drill or electronic screwdriver, and there was no way I would attempt fitting it to a wall. I have a tree in my garden, so I used garden twine, threaded it through the key loop and wound it around the tree. I made sure I secured it because of the wind. It stayed in place.

Using a manual screwdriver takes forever. So if attaching to a fence, bang a nail into the fence and hook the key loop through. And then perhaps thread twine through and tie around the nail. (Yes, I am female!)

Then, of course, it is deciding on the best position in your garden. Mine is aimed towards the shed as the cat jumps on top of the fence, onto the shed and down into the garden. He visits my garden for the birds.

Can you use ultrasonic pest repellent around chickens?

I do not know the answer, but if your idea is to protect chickens and frighten off foxes, ensure the device is pointed away from the coop. Foxes are known to climb and dig, so at least with the Pestbye device, you can insert it into the ground with the metal stake and attach the other to the framework. Of course, you may need to purchase more than two.

Buy from the PestBye store on Amazon.

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Key takeaways

  • It can be attached to a wall or fence instead of the ground
  • Possibly adequate to protect chickens
  • Waterproof if not faced down with battery compartment exposed
  • You may encounter a cat that can tolerate the ultrasonic sound
  • A child with heightened hearing may hear the ultrasonic sound
  • A cheaper option is the Metal Cat Scarers

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