BISSELL Carpet Washer 54K25 for Pet Stains

bissell readyclean wash 54k25 carpet cleaner

Pets are wonderful companions in any home, but they can also leave behind unwanted stains on carpets. Fortunately, you can effectively remove the toughest pet stains with the right carpet cleaner and shampoo. Bissell is a well-known brand in the carpet cleaning industry, and I discovered an effective shampoo solution too. In this article, we’ll explore the 54K25 and give the model of the next brand issued.

My old cat Tabitha suffers from cystitis; they avoid a litter tray if they associate it with pain. Instead, a cat will pee elsewhere or leave droplets of bloody urine. She also habitually drags her bottom along the floor after toileting. Along with the BISSELL ReadyClean, I bought a Vax Steam Fresh Combi Classic S86-SF-CC Steam Mop, and after disinfecting the floor, steamed it.

Watch the Video: Steam Fresh Combi S86-SF-CC Steam Mop, and it has 3,700 views (April 2023)

Watch the Video: BISSELL ReadyClean 54K25, which has 8,200 views (April 2023). Visit the description box for the latest Bissell Pet Cleaner hoovers.

BISSELL’s later model is the BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution, which promises to remove even deeper pet stains. And earlier this year (2023), after researching better quality carpet cleaning solutions, Dirtbusters was rated high, and a product used for professional cleaning, including oven cleaning.

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One of the important factors for me is its weight. I have limited upper body strength and needed a carpet cleaner that was easy to carry upstairs. Weighing 6kg without a full water tank enabled me to lift it easily.

TIP: I had an upright VAX carpet cleaner years ago. I struggled to carry it downstairs and somehow knocked the water tank. The tank was unlocked, emptying its dirty water contents onto the carpet. The BISSELL ReadyClean Wash Carpet Cleaner 54K25 tank does clip on securely but do not take a chance.

Compared to my old VAX carpet cleaner, the BISSELL tank is easier to clean as long as you rinse the interior after emptying the dirty water. There’s a Removeable Nozzle so you can hook out any fur build-up. I found the perfect (cheap) little thing to hook fur out with! Watch the video!

  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes a few contents to assemble and only two screws

Trivia: Did you know BISSELL invented the original carpet sweeper in 1876?

Things that are great about the productThings I would have liked
There are only 2 screws you need to worry aboutA bigger bottle of cleaning formula given the cost of the carpet cleaner
Tank is easy to cleanThe base tank comes apart in two sections. I can then remove almost all of the dirt and grime
The tank clips securely to the base
6m power supply
Easy to operate
Effective cleaning for pet soiling

What comes with the Bissell 54K25?

  • Handle post
  • Two screws (taped to the handle)
  • Upper body
  • Lower body (includes the collection tank)
  • Clean tank
  • Small bottle of formula

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Should you hoover before you clean the carpet?

Yes, all pet fur needs to be removed.

BISSELL advise hoovering before using the carpet cleaner. Not all fur will get sucked up but the majority will; otherwise, fur will collect in the lower body and on the brushes. Don’t forget my tip to remove unwanted fur inside the Removeable Nozzle, so please watch the video.

How much formula do you use?

The water solution tank is small, but it’s adequate to clean half a room measuring 3.89m x 3.84m.

How hot should the water be?

The water must be hand-hot, so around 60C / 140C degrees maximum. Do not use boiling water as the water solution tank is plastic. Screw the cap back on tightly, turn the container upside down and refit to the back of the carpet cleaner.

Spraying water onto the carpet

Work in 1m x 1m sections, but do not saturate the carpet.

And when sucking up water, work in one direction, moving the appliance back and forth slowly; the cleaner will remove water and dirt from the carpet in that section but be patient.


Clean immediately after use as dirt will harden if it is left aside. However, using the carpet cleaner again, the dirty water moistened the hardened grim. Don’t expect to remove every particle of dirt or fur. It would be easier if the tank were pulled apart so it could be cleaned thoroughly and then easily clipped it back together.

The BISSELL is easier to use than the VAX because it is lightweight. Pour cold water into the tank by either opening, swirling it around, and emptying it. Repeat. Another option is leaving the empty tank to soak in soapy washing-up liquid for 24 hours, then rinse.

Remove the filter casing and filter at the top of the tank, then rinse the sponge clean, removing any fur buildup.

Everyone is different. One carpet cleaner will suit one person and may not another, but hopefully, this genuine review will help you decide to buy a BISSELL carpet cleaner.

Where can I buy the Bissell 54K25, and what is the cost?

The price varies but averages around £99.99 as a sale price, but finding this model lately isn’t as easier. However, the BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro is available and from £249 and benefits 12 rows of deep cleaning bristles, removing “set-in” pet stains.

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