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Poppy’s Pets welcomes guest posts from pet owners, professionals and experts in their field.

Examples of topics suitable for submission:

  • Experiences with your pets that may help others
  • Products purchased for your pet that have helped your companion
  • Behaviour and training
  • Pet-related business
  • Pet enrichment
  • Bereavement counsellor
  • Veterinarian or nurse and health issues
  • Disabilities products you make

Pet owner articles

1500 – 1700 words

  • Adventures with your pets
  • Experiences that may help others
  • A new product that you bought that helped you and your pet

Professional articles

2500 – 3500 words

  • Veterinarian or nurse
  • Bereavement counsellor
  • Nutrionist

Expert article

2500 – 3500 words

  • Groomer
  • Pet-related business
  • Behaviourist and training

Topic list

1500 words


  • Top XXX Tips for …
  • XXX Best ways to …
  • XXX How to ….

How content is required

  • Word count – please see individual sections
  • Native English (UK)
  • H2 title
  • H2 subcategories
  • Submit as a Word doc or Google Document
  • Please spell check your article

Images required

  • Hi-resolution images required
  • Please resize as follows: 300 x 300 pixels for body image. 1200 x 628 pixels for feature image. 1200 x 800 pixels for homepage
  • Please submit 1 feature image, 1 homepage image, 2 body images on 3 emails
  • If unable to resize, please get in touch
  • Images can be taken by you. Otherwise, please credit the source

URL links

  • Your affiliate links are not accepted
  • You can submit your website link or social media URL if relevant to the content
  • You can submit a URL from another source or a Poppy’s Pets article if it relates to the content

Your submission to Poppy’s Pets

  • The content must not have been previously published elsewhere
  • After being published on Poppy’s Pets, you cannot submit for publication elsewhere
  • Please submit a short bio and a photograph alongside your content

Your Agreement to Poppy’s Pets

By submitting an article to Poppy’s Pets, you agree to the following:

  • When agreed you can submit the full article to Poppy’s Pets, you are obliged to do so in 14 days
  • You give Poppy’s Pets permission to proof read and make any necessary changes where appropriate to make suitable for publishing if required
  • You give permission to repurpose your content into relevant social media posts to promote the article and topic. This includes any images you supply. We will credit you
  • Poppy’s Pets can add affiliate links to your content if relevant to the article
  • You give permission for your article to be updated over a period of time if necessary
  • You agree to promote your article with Poppy’s Pets website URL and publish on your social media platforms and other channels

Initial submission

  • Please email or use Messenger and give a title and outline of your proposed article
  • I will be in touch in 14 to 28 days to confirm if approved or not


Email: poppyspet67@gmail.com

Facebook Messenger

All the best and good luck!